Saturday, January 22, 2011

Egg Retrieval HAS ARRIVED!!!

I went this morning to see my IVF doctor, Dr. Bates, & after seeing my egg follicles he declared Monday, January 24th, as my Egg Retrieval Day!!! That's a day earlier than they originally had planned. Which means my egg follicles have gotten close to the necessary size (2 centimeters) & are ready to mature & be taken out. After seeing my progress today he thinks they will get 8-10 eggs out of this retrieval. Which is the same amount they predicted they would get when I did this in 2009 with Colt. He said he was glad they doubled my egg production meds (Follistim & Menopur) this go around b/c if they hadn't I would have probably only gotten 5 eggs. So you just never know how your body will respond, double the meds didn't turn out to be double the result. Just a little tidbit of estrogen level is also something they look at to determine when I will have egg retrieval & today my estrogen level was 1200! On this past Tuesday it was just it increased a lot! I no longer take my Follistim & Menopur injections!!! Yay!!! Starting tomorrow (sunday) I'll be back to 2 shots a day & that's just my blood thinner! 7 shots a day for a week has mostly made me late to everything! :) I had to tack on an extra 30 minutes in the mornings just to get my shots done! Tonight is my hCG Injection (human chorionic gonadotrophin). I was told to do this at precisely 9:30 pm. OH MY WORD! It's 9:30 right now! (seriously this ironic...pause...I'll be right back!) Okay :) 9:42pm  & I've done my injection! :) That shot is to help the egg follicles mature so they can be ready for departure on Monday.

Specific prayer request regarding this procedure. This is the most risky part for me due to my 3 blood clotting disorders, being on blood thinner & this being a surgical procedure. Too retrieve my eggs they take a long needle & insert it through my "female parts". That needle gets inserted into each egg follicle (8-10) & draws the fluid off the follicle & the egg is in that fluid. The risk to this process is that they can nick me with the needle & cause internal bleeding. In case that did happen to me they take preventative measures by having me NOT do my blood thinner (Lovenox) injection the night before nor the morning of the procedure. And of course the risk to that is I could develop a blood clot from not having my medicine. Obviously, none of this scary stuff happened...our prayers were answered & everything went great! So, we are doing everything the same as last time. If it ain't broke...don't fix it right?! But we would still appreciate the prayers.


Ann Marie said...

Praying for you girl!!

Anonymous said...

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