Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pensacola Trip, my sister's baby shower!

So about 2 weekends ago we took a trip to Pensacola for my sister's baby shower. I am getting ANOTHER nephew!!! I am so pumped! I get to be an Aunt TWICE! Eli Andrew Yetman is due December 17th...what a GREAT Christmas present! I get a nephew who is gonna be born in that means a trip to the Mountains in snow season! I am so excited!!!! This was a fun weekend b/c all of us siblings were in town all at the same time...that only happens about once a year. Friday me, Holly & my sister in law, Lauren Lamunyon-Hinote, went to get coffee & pedicures. That night was the shower. This is Holly & her hubby of 1 yr. Kevin. (Aren't they cute?) :-)

I was playing around taking different pics!
This is an adorable diaper bag my two cousins got her.
And these are the best dessert you'll EVER put in your mouth! I brought these from Birmingham, they are called Baby Bites...this kind was everyones favorite, Turtle.
This was Eli's favorite present :-) from his Aunt KeKe
Another picture of the my beautiful sister!
This was Eli's other favorite present from Aunt Keke...since his daddy was in the military & is still associated with it, I thought he would like this! Then you see Holly's best friend that she has had since like middle school I believe, Angie Spinks-Edmondson, one of the sweetest people you will ever meet!
Some sweet guest that attended the shower.
Roger Ellis, Gloria Presley, Sharon Blanton & Donna Thompson
Some other attendees...Kristen Smith & my cousin Ashlyn Rhodes..(I thought they looked so pretty in these pictures)
This is another cousin, Tyler Rhodes...he is such a cutey!

Another adorable cousin...Chandler Sasser...he shows up with his mohawk & I just loved it! What a cutey! He knows how to strike a pose too! :-)
Mother & daughter...Dawn & Savannah Morris (my adopted little sister) :-)
Me & My sis!

My cousin Traci & I just happened to match. She has lost a lot of weight & looks awesome!

good ole' grandpa Hinote & my brother-in-law Kevin/Kevbo

Me & my daddio!
Those of you that keep up with my post may remember me showing pics of property my dad bought to build a house on. He just finished clearing it off BY HAND...NO BACKHO'S! He is the hardest worker you will ever meet. The property looks awesome! He retired this past May & decided he needing something to stay busy(that's where I get it from ya'll) :-) so he is building a house himself just cause!

Well...I still have a weekend of my nephews 1st birthday to post about & this weekend we are going to Gatlinburg w/ my brother & his friends so I will have even more to show you! Stay tuned!

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