Thursday, May 20, 2010

Colton is 6 months old!!!

So, it's been 3 months since I last posted. WOW! am I behind! :) So sorry! This will be a quick update on my lil' buddy, Colt. He turned 6 months old on May 14. Wow how time has flown by! He is THE MOST WONDERFUL thing that has happened to Ryan & I. We just cannot get enough of him. He weighed in at 19 lbs 8oz, which was the 75%tile. His is 27.5 inches tall which is 90%tile. So he is doing great! He started rolling over on his own the day he turned 6 months old. He is eating 80z of formula 4 times a day, loving some baby food, & goes to bed at 8:30pm & sleeps until 7am...he is just an awesome baby. I am working 14 hours a week(2 days) up at Engaged, A Wedding Library, which is also the office for our magazine, Perfect Wedding Guide. In my free time, I have been reading & tanning on my back deck in my inflatable swimming pool. (can you tell I grew up in FL & miss my beach!) ;) Well..that's all for now...enjoy the pictures below from a wonderful Mothers Day. MY FIRST, & I was able to focus on it being just that, a blessing of finally being a Mom, instead of being depressed that I wasn't a mom & missing my Mom who resides in Heaven.

The Key Clan

OH! Give me 10 more just like him!!! (really 3 more) :)

The 3 Keys

Colton lovin' on his Granddaddy Key

He loves some Uncle Chaddie & Aunt Prissy!