Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our Puppy & Hee Haw Banquet!

Ryan has been telling me to put these pictures on here of our sweet puppy Heisman who was 5 months old in these pictures (now 6 months). He decided to experiment w/ mud after a huge storm. Ryan & I were in the house and Ryan yelled for me to come look out the window. So, these pictures were taken throught the window...we didn't want to distract him from his fun! The pictures are in random order but you can see he had a blast! Face IN THE MUD!
This is his mud hole!

Afterwards he wollared (sp) in the grass to rub off some of that mud. checkin it all out!

Oh! This feels good getting all that nasty mud off.
Airborn out of the mud! :-)

Shake it fast!!!
He was jumping everywhere!

Another view of his mud hole!

That was a pretty deep hole!
So... he takes a break & SITS in the mud! Yuk!
Afterwards he immediately runs up the deck into his doggy door which puts him in his kennel...thank goodness or mud would have been all over my house! How precious is he here though?

Oh...this mud stuff is great!

He heard us at the window...but luckily didn't notice us enough to quit playing!

~ Now...on to this past weekend at church ~

So this past weekend was a lot of fun as you can see! We had our annual Senior Member Appreaciation Banquet at our church. Each year we have more fun putting this together!

Ryan did a lil' weight lifting regimen w/ me while posing for pictures. ;-)

The ladies you see here are the hee haw girls...we did a whole little skit that incorporated our members who were in the audience. If you look close on my left arm you will see my lines rubber banded to my forearm! I couldn't memorize all I cheated! :-)

Brooke Wiliams, Me & Ashley Williams, country girls! My friend, Emily Wright & I.

A whole crew of crazy country women...

Nic Wright & Nolan funny these two! How do you like Nolan's beef jerky chew in his cheek! :-) Compilments of my husband!

My sweet country boy...and Kounty's Bess Spellor! ;-)
We look forward to this every year...and already have plans for next years theme!

On a different note, Ryan & I are heading to Palmetto Bible Camp in South Carolina this week. We are real we'll both be counselors and the athletic directors...just wait for some good upcoming photos! :-)

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Friday, June 6, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend at Lay Lake!

So we had a quite a crowd at Ashley's parents lake house on Lay Lake over Memorial Day weekend. It was very festive... as you can see below I was chillin' on my "floating chair" as Ashley Kayaked.

Then the three girls, Me, Brooke and Ash did a little kayaking together!

Everyone got a turn....Brooke liked it so much she joined her hubby, Rick & my hubby Ryan for a journey....then later on my dad, Andy took a litte excursion on his own...after about an hour we thought he got eaten up by the resident lake monster! :-) But he showed up just in time for lunch! :-) What timing! got a little more intense with tubing....Ash & I loved this...and we managed to not get thrown off!

You can't have Memorial Day festivities without homemade ice cream! Ended up, the ice cream maker broke & my dad, mrs. seng, and others had to turn it by hand to get it to make!

And we couldn't go to the lake without our puppy, who is a Lab & loves the water!!! Unfornately I didn't get any pic's of him in the water...but this was his diving in spot...he was just checking it out. Heisman will be 6 months old this month...and probably is about 50 lbs. at this point! Ryan calls him my son. :-) What can I say...I have furry babies! ;-) the days wore on the eyelids wore down....Ryan, Nolan & Mrs. Seng dosed off. The best part is, Mama Seng slept like that on the porch all night!

Honk shoo, honk shoo....
Ashley & Nolan on one of our many boat rides. The first night we were there Mama Seng took us on a night boat ride in her pontoon boat. Well, we tried to get Heisman to come along but he as the boat left the pier Heisman dove in the water & started swimming towards the boat! After we hollared at him to go back & he realized we were getting farther away from him he decided to swim back to shore! :-) " Thank you God for a beautiful picture," that's what I say every time I see one of these gorgeous sunsets!
This was the game of the weekend, spot toss! You throw the bean bag in the's a little more complicated than that...but let's just say it's fun and Heisman was our referee.

My precious hubby Ryan...I laid one on 'em!
~ Gorgeous Ashley & a gorgeous sunset!