Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our past 2 weekends at Da' Farm

The past two weekends have been spent relaxing at Da' Farm. Ryan's Grandma Key's parents had a house on 100 acres in Moulton/Cullman area of AL. When they passed the land was passed on to Grandma/pa Key. Granddaddy Key used to raise cattle there himself but hasn't in awhile. The original house was torn down & a mobile home was the replacement. There are a few ponds on the property, some cow's (because they lease the property to cow owners) & lot's of Dove's which the Keys fella's used to go & Dove hunt. Two weekends ago August 18th wkend all 10 of us were up there, plus 3 dogs. We had a blast! Below are lot's of photos of our weekend together.

Let's begin with our Lab Heisman...he of course is a natural born swimmer. He swims & swims & swims in that pond until he is just completely worn out! This trip my father-in-law brought the 4 wheeler up & Heisman likes to run after it. He had two trips all over the property running after the 4 wheeler. Each trip he came back with cow manuer on him. He likes to rub himself in other animals "stuff". YUK! As you see below...

We were able to do LOT'S of fishing which I LOVED! My favorite part of going up there. Jared caught the bass on the left. I caught the one on the right. (you can't see me b/c I was getting my preggo belly tanned as I fished & you don't want to see my cool outfit I was wearing!) :)

Jared & Ryan & some of the fishies we caught!!!

Look at our sweet boy! Isn't he precious! (notice no manuer...all it took was a little dip in the pond) :)

A view across the pond over to a cow pasture...

The mobile home where we crash & the pier onto the pond. Mama Key, Butchly & Heisman were chillin' under the umbrella while Ryan & I were out in the boat fishing.

We are in the boat & Heisman wanted to be too! SO...he swims out to us! Crazy dog!

Me, Ryan & Heisman out in the boat just a fishin'!

Sunday after church we had a little photo shoot. :) Chad & Christi look so cute here!

Wow...I can't say the same about Ryan & I! What is he doing..dragon boy!

Much better... :)

These boys...still silly even though they're in their 30's!

Don't ask me what's going on here :)

Da' Ladies...

Mama Key, Me, Aunt Carol, Christi & Grandma Key

Da' Boyz...

Jared, Grandaddy Key, Butchly, Ryan & Chad(these 2 being silly again!)

What handsome fella's!

The Key fam' has learned to love my spontaneity. :) ha!ha! This particular weekend was when the humidity was low & it felt so cool all weekend. So...having a bonfire came to mind! :) There was already a spot where they burn all we needed was some firewood. I went on the hunt & found lot's of twigs & then went on the hunt for a saw. No we Ryan got the 4 wheeler & we picked up branches etc lying around to form our fire. Luckily a tree had fallen in a storm & we were able to get some good sized logs. This idea hit me as it was getting dark so we had to hurry to get our "goods" together. But we managed & had a great time! We ended up singing church hymms & devo songs out under the stars...just like bible camp! :) (I really wanted smores but I didn't plan in advance)

Ryan was "practicing" his song leading. :)

Heisman was just slightly exhausted! So he slept through the singing.

Our sunburned selves at the bonfire.

The fam' at the fire..

Thank you God for that beautiful picture! I just love a good sunset!

Heisman visiting his cow friends. :) The calfs where funny...they would actually approach him when the biggin' cows could care less what Heisman was doing.

Jared, Ryan & I went out on the John boat to fish. Well..after I missed about 10 fish, Jared decided he needed to remind me to "set the hook" :). I would get so excited I would just let that sucker nibble & take off! I finally got it down pat though..I was just a little rusty!

Butchly & Grandaddy taking the tractor out.

Christi fishing...

Then...her lil' buddy, Heisman comes to visit.

This is typical Heisman on our way back from the farm...he sleeps the whole hour & half home then get's home & stays asleep for the next day!

The next photos are from our 2nd trip to the farm. This was last weekend (July 26th weekend, mine & Ryan's 6th anniversary!) This trip wasn't everyone, it was Mama Key, Butchly, Ryan, Me, Heisman & my Dad. We always talk about the farm but he has never been. We decided since he's worked so hard remodeling our mstr bath..he deserved a relaxing trip away.

I just love this sunset picture of Ryan! He's so HOTTT! :)

Then...there's us...taking a picture of ourselves while on the boat!

Dad & his baby fish he caught. :)

So I have a funny story behind this bass. There's an automatic fish feeder on the pier which goes off at 6:30pm everyday. I wanted to see it go off so I went down there after supper & waited (with my line in the middle of the water where the fish were going to come up for food) :) So sneaky... then the rest of the fam' starts coming down to the pier. I start talking to Butchly telling him I am cheating b/c I am hoping to catch a big bass who comes up to eat the fish food. Well..right as I say that my line starts getting carried out! And I reeled in this big daddy bass!...not really but it's bigger than most the others I caught. THEN the fish feeder goes off! So..really I didn't cheat to get this one! :)

Apparently I didn't get any pictures of any big fish my dad caught. :) Do you think Heisman wants this one? :)
Guess what???? Another bonfire!!! :) This time I came prepared! I brought a bag of marshmallows AND so did Mama Key! So we had plenty! I unwound some coat hangers & we were ready to go! I love a good fire roasted marshmallow!

Yet again...Heisman sleeps through it all.. :)

Visiting the cows again...

Lot's of fishing!!!!

My dad fishing...

Heisman swimming...again... :) was dress up Andy time! Since he missed our last photo shoot with the wig...we had to catch him up this time! :) He was a great sport!

Nothing like a wig on a man with a pink scarf! And Butchly's broken reading glasses! :)

Then...with Ryan's Oakleys!

Well..we got back home Sunday night & Heisman went straight to the shed where his Loveseat couch is...and as you can see didn't budge!

These last 2 photos are random from our recent VBS... This is Jake Williams, Ashley & Nolans lil' fella. His lil' smile was just so cute!

Then our most recent lil' fella' at church, Cooper Southern. He was so precious & calm.

Well...our bathroom is officially remodeled & we just set our "free" vacation plans in stone! I'll be posting about that next! Also had my 22 week dr's visit yesterday which went great. No ultrasounds this time. But I measured exactly 22 weeks on exactly my 22 week day. They were happy! Got 6 family members staying with us Saturday night, my works annual bridal show Sunday, & next weekend we head to Pcola so I can teach the teen girls class at their annual Conquerors youth rally. Then, the next weekend my brother & his family come to stay & then we leave for vacation! WOW! Busy times..but fun times!