Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bible Class at Starbucks ;-)

Emily, McKenna, Halle & Kelly

Well, last quarter at our church, I taught the teenage girls class...which I loved! We had so much fun and had a great book to guide us in some deep discussions (Straddling The Fence, The danger of Compromise). Due to the in depth discussions we didn't finish the book by the end of the quarter! So, we decided we would finish out the last 4 chapters at Starbucks over a grande, iced, toffee nut latte with non-fat milk and whipped cream (for me) and decaf frappacino's for the girls! We managed to get through 2 more chapters...I guess we'll just have to plan another coffee date to get through this book! Too bad huh?! ;-)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

We're Going To Adopt!!!

As most of you know Ryan & I have been trying to get pregnant for about 4 years now. We have been through some infertility, but after 6 months of that I physically and emotionally needed a break! We currently are still on infertility "break" but will go back the end of May for a consultation to see what other options we have. In the mean time, we have decided to adopt! I have always said that I would adopt one day, I just didn't know that might be Gods plan for me. Ryan & I met with some new friends this week who adopted, and had a wonderful experience so after much discussion Ryan told me he wanted to adopt also!!! Then his next question was, "do you want a boy or girl? " :-) We decided we want to leave that in God's hands to bless us with whatever he see's fit. You would have thought I just found out I was pregnant! :-) I cried myself to sleep that night and couldn't quit imagining that baby in my arms. Adoption is a long process so if you will just keep us in your prayers throughout this time. Thanks, and I will keep you posted!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

College Roomate Weekend!!!

What a relaxing weekend!!! Friday morning Ashley & I went to pick up Kiera from the airport for a college roommate reunion. :-) We left the airport & headed to Lay Lake for a relaxing weekend, but had to hit up 'O' Carr's for our chicken salad & fruit plate for lunch first! After getting to Ash's parents lake house, the water was too cold to swim in, but it was perfect weather for soaking up sun & kayaking. Then we finished the day with a wonderful meal compliments of our in house chef, Susan Seng a.k.a Ashley's momma. From there we didn't move for the next 5 hours!!! We sat on the screened in porch overlooking the lake & caught up on Kiera's pregnancy, Ashleys wonderful marriage & my fertility fun! :-) Then we went back in time to sleep in bunk beds was summer camp all over again! Saturday was filled with a pontoon boat ride, more kayaking (including "the stump game") and a lunch at the Lay Port Marina. Then we headed back in to town for a little shopping, dinner & a slumber party at my house. After church Sunday morning, we had a great lunch with some more friends of ours & then we dropped our friend back off at the airport. :-( What an awesome weekend, but as always life goes too fast. Kelly, Kiera & Ashley
Ashley, Kiera & Kelly...the 3 together again.
Me & My Sista'
Kel & Ash
Our weekend at Lay Lake...