Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm a MOM & LOVING IT!!!

I'm baaacccckkkkkkk! So it's been 3 months since I last posted...which was pretty much when I started getting put in & out of the hospital with high blood pressure during my pregnancy. I think it ended up being a total of FOUR hospital stays :( but they were just being safe. The Dr's were worried I would become preeclamptic at any moment...and at 37 weeks that's exactly what I did! So..they induced & I had Colton Christopher Key, Saturday, 11-14-09 via c-section :(. Coltons heartrate kept dropping as they gave me pitosin...after 3 attempts they declared a c-section was necessary for the safety of him. So like 15 minutes later I was being wheeled back for surgery! Come to find out the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck so it was tightening with each contraction causing his heartrate to drop. NO WORRIES damage was done to Colton...he is PERFECT!!! He was born 5 lbs. 10.8 oz, 19 3/4 inches long. Dropped to his lowest weight of 4 lbs 15oz as I tried to breastfeed but learned I have skim milk. After going full formula he now at 2 months (today) he weighed 10lbs. 6oz & 22 inches long!!! Yowza's! I'm getting a chunker on my hands. He is only in the 25th percentile but that's just because he got a slow start...he's healthy & growing as needed. Well I started back to work on Monday after 8 weeks off. I am working part-time from home but still sending Colton to Mimi & Paw Paws so I can actually get work done. :) Mimi decided Coltons curls needed to be tested to see if they could form a mohawk...well they could! No hair products stood right up & stayed that way all throughout church lastnight too! So cute ! See him below & how similar he looks to a Cupie Doll.

This shot was Paw Paws idea... he wanted to put him in hunting boots to see if he would fit. Along with the caption, " I was excited when I thought I was gonna' go huntin' with Uncle Jared, but I couldn't get the other boot on... oh well, one day I will!

Uncle Jared & his sleeping huntin' buddy... Lil' C.

Mimi talks to me & I coo & smile at her.

Daddy & Me

Where we goin' mom?

Mommy takes me everywhere..I am good sport though!

Uncle Jared fed me??? Can you believe it??? He did a great job!

Mimi & I talking away..

Paw Paw feeds me too!

I like my paci...but mommy wishes I would just suck my thumb like she did that way she doesn't have to keep putting that paci back in my mouth! :) I am workin' on it...If the paci isn't around I usually find my fingers..mostly my whole hand. ;)

All ready for the mall with mommy & daddy...

Well..that's all for now...thanks for checkin' on us...

~New Mommy