Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Palmetto Bible Camp '08

Helloooooo everyone we are back from Palmetto Bible Camp in South Carolina where we had a fabulous time! It was like a family reunion as you can see in the below pic'. We left a day early from camp to come back for a wedding Ryan was in. It took us until about Tuesday to recuperate but was worth it! You'll see lots of pics below...somewhat of a mixture of our lives since camp! Enjoy!

The Hinote Clan at camp: (back row) Aunt Becky Rhodes, My dad Andy Hinote, Aunt Janet Thornhill & Uncle Robin Hinote. (front row) Ashlyn Rhodes, Tyler Rhodes, Me & Ryan, Lauren & Mason Hinote (my brother Jeremy was in a meeting so we couldn't get him in this shot) :-(

My sister in law, Lauren Lamunyon Hinote & My brother Jeremy and the most adorable nephew EVER Mason Benjamin Hinote. He is 8 months old in this picture.

My adorable cousin Ashlyn & her newest cousin Mason. That boy is so photogenic...which Crazy Aunt Kelly is sooooo grateful for! :-)

My Aunt Becky & I were counselors for the 14-15 yr old girls, this is one of our 25 girls, Savannah Burns. She is precious!
Chancey Rich announcing that it's Jared Criswell's 16th bday while his buddy Jonathon Hobbs gets the cake ready! Jared & Dillon sharing the cake!
Our SUPERMAN himself, Mason Hinote!!! He can save my life any day! ;-) Look at those CHEEKS!

OH MY WORD!!! So stinkin' adorable!!! We just found out his Aunt Holly is having a boy in December, so Mason will have a new cousin! O.k so the pic below is fabulous but I cannot take credit for it...a guy at bible camp took it & downloaded onto my SD card so I could have it too! :-)

The kitchen crew! My Uncle Robin, My dad and Aunt Janet! Take note: my dad is wearing crocs! Wow! Who would of thunk it! :-0 He's so in style now! :-)

The 3 Hinotes

Those sweet baby teeth! He's smiling because he cannot wait to come stay with Crazy Aunt Kelly & Crazy Uncle Ryan!!! :-)

My cousin Tyler Rhodes & Mason. If you are looking at this & you have seen my Grandpa, Fletcher Hinote before, then you should see him in Mason in this pic'. I don't know what it is...but I see grandpa in him!

The Wedding of Scott & Tony KennedyThe whole Key Clan for the 4th of July. The Key girls! Mama Key, Grandma Key, Me, Aunt Carol Key, & Christi Stephens Key

The Key Boys!

Ryan (my hubby), Butch Key (Butchly), Jared Key, Granddaddy Key, & Chad Key

Granddaddy has antlers....and doesn't even know it! He just thought I was taking a picture of him for no reason! :-) Ryan would be the goofball holding the bananas, as you imagined!

Today...we went to the work day at church this morning, I did some painting Ryan did some yard work then we left early to go out on the in-laws boat! We went to Lake Inland & it was awesome. We fished fished & fished...but only Butchly caught a little bass & then lost it! :-( But who was relaxing which is just what the Dr. ordered! Here are some pics of our excursion!

I liked the hot pink lure...but it was a little big for our kind of fishing!

My main man got his line all ganked up! I can't say much because I did it to my pole before he did! :-)
Look at this little fox squirrel we saw on the shore! His face is's black! Then you see my father in law, Butchly....just watching me cast my rod & see my meno fly through the air! :-) We had a great time...I even drove the boat back to shore..but don't tell the marine patrol! I got in trouble by the father in law for going too fast....I drive a boat like I drive my car! :-) Ryan was scared to say the least! ;-)
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