Monday, February 23, 2009

In-Vitro Calendar in full swing!!!

Last Thursday (2/19) I went to see my infertility Dr's nurse, LeeAnne. By the way for those of you who asked..I am seeing Dr. Gordon Bates at UAB Kirklin Clinics Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility. So far I love Dr. Bates he has great bedside manner & his nurse LeeAnne is incredible! She made the calendar you see below so I have a guideline of the craziness that is about to occur! I know ya'll cant read it since it's small so I'll keep you posted! Besides going over the calendar of "events" she had me bring in all my medicine to show me how to administer all the shots. (and Ryan since he'll have to give me one in my hiney for 2 weeks later on!) He really started listening when she said that! :-) The nurse told me she loves to see how the patients bring in ALL their drugs. She said sometimes they bring a big box full or a huge bag etc. So..I told her I would surprise her! I had actually forgotten I told her that until it was time to go. I hurried to my gift bag container & found this ESPN bag that plays there them song when you open it! Luckily I was able to cram it all in there b/c that was the perfect bag to take. My nurse had no clue is sang (b/c we took that sticker off) :-) so she died laughing when she opened it...ran out of the room...with my show her co-workers. All of a sudden you hear people dying laughing! We have to make this light hearted some how? :-)
Today (2/25) at 9am I went to have labs drawn to check my estrogen level which was 20. The nurse said that's considered low which is what they want it to be right now and that explains why I have been feeling depressed & "emotionally fragile". :-) That Lupron shot I have been doing for the past 3 weeks caused this..which is normal..just ugh! Today they also did an ultrasound to check the follicle growth on my ovaries. I had 12 follicles (potential eggs) on my right ovary! yowza's! and 5 follicles on my left ovary. Normally only one of those follicles would produce an egg. I will be starting my follistim injections on Friday which will help those 17 follicles all turn in to eggs!!! That's what we hope for anyways!

If you can see the calendar for the 1st week of March that 's a busy week. I will be full swing with all my drugs. Basically my ovaries will be working so hard with all this stimulating medicine that I have to be real careful. The nurse put it like this...normally a womans ovaries are sort of floating up...well since mine will be working extra hard to produce lots off eggs they will be "heavy." Therefore, mine will will feel like they are being pulled down. I have experienced this feeling before and it IS NOT FUN! I remember last time I was doing fertility & were on some of these drugs I couldn't even plop down in a chair I had to slide myself down! That makes sitting in the pew at church glorious. :-) It will be over in no time I can do it!!! Tuesday of next week (3/3) I will go back in for another ultrasound to check out those potential eggs & for more labs. Depending on how that goes I may have go to the Dr. every other day next week or just really depends on lab levels etc.
Today Dr. Bates also talked with me about my egg retrieval surgery. That is tentatively scheduled for Monday, 3/9. This part will be the most risky part for me. As I have mentioned before, I have 3 blood clotting factors, therefore I am on blood thinner medicine for life. The process of retrieving the eggs involves a long needle that they put in to pull them each out. So if I have 17 eggs that's a lot to pull out! I will be knocked out of course but the risk comes from the chance of internal bleeding. The needle could scrape me inside and with me being on blood thinners that makes my chance of bleeding even greater. infertility dr is talking with a group of Hemotologist(blood dr's) at UAB & my Hemotologist at the Bruno Cancer Center at St. Vincents to determine the best course of action. Should they take me off one dose of blood thinners the night before? But last time a Dr. took me off blood thinners I developed a clot in my leg again and I had only missed like 2 doses! Or should they keep me on them completely & hope they don't knick anything and that I won't bleed easily? Glad you're not the Dr. right? :-) I trust all my Dr's but I also know they are human...but more important than that...I trust God to take care of me. So I ask that you please pray that God will handle this issue and make it not an issue at all! The good news is..if I do bleed internally they just give me a blood transfusion & it might require some laparoscopic (sp) surgery. No biggie! :-)

Well...that's all for my In-Vitro week will be full of progress so keep posted! This whole process will be over the 3rd week of March. So keep up! :-) You may remember my organizing efforts for my shots..where I tape my ziplocks to the towel bar? Well...some of you suggested for a cuter look to use some ribbon! :-) That idea became a necessity when my tape broke!'s a shot (no pun intended ) of my ribbon tied organized shots! Luckily I had just the right color to go with my hideous peach bathroom that will be day...

Yes..I do have a life other than infertility! We went to Pensacola, my hometown this past weekend. My newest nephew Eli was there with my Sis & her it was a great visit with them & the gazillion other family members I have there. I was anxious to take some pictures of him. I went out in the yard at my grandparents house scouting out a photo op! With winter comes dead flowers...and cold weather. But I still managed to conjure up an idea! The bird bath!!! Once I saw it the idea came to me... I wanted him to lay face down in it with his lil' face turned towards me...but he's a little chubby :-) so my idea didn't pan out so well. Some of them turned out but the best ones are of him sitting up. I need a newborn for my original idea....I gonna try & steal Jake (Ashley's boy) to use him for my idea since he is still tiny...I have my own bird bath so we won't have to haul him to Pensacola for that photo shoot! :-)

This is one of the laying down ones that turned out.

He's just 2 months old...and starting to show some smiles..he was so cute!

Look at those chubby cheeks...oh they're great to kiss!!!

Look at those big brown eyes!!!

He looks like he's trying to be muscle man here!

I had to capture this moment! My hubby feeding a baby! Who got him to do this? (me...of course!) He needs the practice he might have his own soon! :-) babies then toes? I know! Since my sister was in Bham for a couple days we went and got pedicures. My work had a Networking Lunch In and after that we are always my sweet..wonderful...awesome....boss, Stephanie Whitaker, takes us sometimes to get pedicures afterwards! She didn't mind my sister tagging along...and I was excited they could all meet one another! I had told my sister I wanted to get polka dots b/c after watching The Real Housewives of Orange Co. I saw one of them do that & loved the idea! :-) (I know I can't believe I watch that show either..but look what I learned!) :-) Right after I tell my sister that she says..she wants to get the Channel logo in rhinestones after seeing Lauren off The Hills have that done...boy are we two peas in a pod! :-) They turned out adorable though! We were thinking of all the other things you could do...DG (Dolce & Gabanna), Louis Vitton..etc etc. :-) What will be next?

On our way back to Bham from Pensacola my brother & his fam were actually on their way TO Pcola! So we just so happened to be crossing paths in Montgomery, AL on Sunday so we met at Starbucks..imagine that? :-) I am glad b/c I was about to cry not thinking I would see my first nephew Mason who is 16 months old.
He keeps developing more & more personality...If you ask him to do his mean face...this is what you get :-)

If you ask for the happy get a surprised look! :-)

His Uncle Kevin (my sister's hubby) & Mason...

Ryan was trying to make him look like LL Cool J! :-)

It was a quick coffee & visit..but worth it. Check back next week for updates on our In-Vitro Journey...hope you're enjoying it! KK

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Accupuncture AGAIN & 9 Different In-Vitro Drugs!!!

Well....there hasn't been too much going on in our in-vitro world YET. :-) I went back for my weekly accupuncture visit yesterday. Some of you (Ashley :-)) really wanted to see those needles in Dr. Ivey so graciously took some pic's with my camera! I was stuck with 10 needles again... all in the same location except some went a little lower on my stomach this go around.
I even got a stomach pic! This is where the majority of the needles go. The little square you see on the left of my tummy is my band-aid from when I gave myself my Lovenox (blood thinner) injection that morning. (just didn't want ya'll to think I have some weird perfect square mark on my stomach!) :-)

Last but not least..the ole' needle in the wrist! I'm tellin' can't feel it! I had these in me for 25 minutes again...& guess what I did?.......SLEEP! I kept dosing off...then I would jerk each time when I would get good & asleep then the jerking would wake me up!

Just another pic' of the hand!

Yesterday, I got a call from my nurse at UAB Kirklin Clinic to inform me that I could go get my "drugs" from the pharmacy. For some reason I was really excited to go get these. I guess because it means I am getting closer to a chance at that baby! So far, this process has been so NOT stressful...and easy. But I think I am mentally prepared for the upcoming chaos. Physically...there's no preparation! Well anywhoo...I go get my LARGE giftbag full of drugs yesterday. Below is a picture of everything!

NINE different drugs on top of the 3 I take on a daily basis!!!! Wow! Luckily she warned me that I WILL NOT be taking these all at once. These are actually ALL my drugs for the whole in-vitro process! Which makes it nice that I don't have to make multiple trips to the pharmacy.

Yes...those ARE SYRINGES!!!! MORE NEEDLES!!! It's a good thing I've got this needle thing down pat!

For those pharmacy friends (Brooke) of mine who will want to know the names of the drugs I'll be's an upclose view.

Okay...anyone notice the bottle with Xanax on it? Yeah...Xanax...that's for anxiety. How about I am bummed b/c there's only ONE pill in that bottle! ;-) Just kidding! I haven't been told what that one pill is for but I am pretty sure I remember the dr. telling me that the day they go in to surgically retrieve my eggs...I will be doped up to the equivalence of 2 six packs of beer! What's funny is...I have never this oughta be interesting! Ryan will probably have lot's of fun at that appointment. :-)

Last but definitely NOT LEAST...THE MONEY...THE BILL.....What SHOULD of been $3600 was ONLY $526.37!!!!! Thank goodness my insurance at least covers my drugs!

My next appt. is this coming Thursday (2/19) with my nurse to have an hour long visit where I bring ALL my "drugs" with me & we discuss how & when to administer each of those. I also get a calendar she has made for me which will show all my upcoming appts as we dive in deeper to this process. I am most excited about my calendar. I love a good calendar...and to see the timeline of this stuff will be fantastic. Of course...this is a rough estimate calendar...just a guideline.

I am getting excited......I Think! :-)

Friday, February 6, 2009

DAY 2 of Jake Steven Williams!!!

Today is day 2 of little Jake's life...Aunt Kelly went to visit him today! His daddy slept for a little bit while his mommy & me caught up. :-) Ash was doing great walking around out of that bed. Jake slept the whole time but we managed to get some more pics. He didn't even budge with my big 'ole camera 3 inches from his face making loud noises & flashing! What a good sport! This first one had Nolan and I laughing as Jake clawed his eyes out for the photo!

Here's an up close of that clawing :-)

Those sweet lil' pruney feet...

Nolan thinks he looks like Ash...I think he has Ash's ears & Nolans lips...but we'll see. He says Jake has her chin/jawline also...I think he's right about that too!

Long little toes..

Mommy & her boy!

look at this tiny arm...

Couldn't leave out the tiny cute leg...

Daddy getting a nap after about one & a half hours of sleep the first night!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ashley & Nolan's Lil' Jake is HERE!!!

Jake is here!!! Born Thursday, February 5th, 2009 at 7:04pm (I believe was the time). He & Mama are completely healthy! I can't wait to go back up there today & hold that lil' fella! Enjoy checkin' him out! :-)