Sunday, February 1, 2009

We're doing In-Vitro!!!

Well...a lot has happened since Thanksgiving in Kelly & Ryan's world of desiring a baby! As you all know a while back we announced we wanted to adopt. the midst of saving for that, we checked into the option of in-vitro. As a Christian I honestly didn't think it was possible to do without having to "throw" embryos away. We have it figured out though! I got a 2nd opinion with UAB's Fertility Clinic & love my new dr. there! I have to give my In-Laws props for helping make this happen..they have been very father-in-law actually called this clinic to learn more about the dr's there etc. :-) So...this discussion started the beginning of December '08 & since, we have officially begun the journey of in-vitro. It's a process of about 2 months. I would like to let you experience this process with us via our blog. My Aunt Barbara actually sent me a blog of a friend who had gone through in-vitro. This girl blogged about all her experiences with this and it helped me tremendously. I am hoping that through my experiences I can help someone too. So please let your infertile friends :-) know about my blog...maybe they can get some support through it?!

Alrighty...As most know, I have three blood clotting factors (Factor V Leiden Mutation, Prothrombin 20210G>A Mutation & MTHFR) and have had a DVT blood clot in my left leg on two different occasions. Therefore I wear a compression stocking on my left leg everyday to help the blood flow back up my leg since I have scarring from the circulation will never be the same in that leg. Also I have to be on blood thinners the rest of my life b/c essentially I have 3 things trying to clot my blood..that's a little too many. :-) So before I could even begin any fertility "stuff" I had to come off of my oral form of blood thinner (coumadin) and start on my injection form, Lovenox Injections. I do this shot in the tummy twice a day until I get pregnant then continue through pregnancy & breastfeeding...I would swap back to the oral form of blood thinner once I was finished breastfeeding. You don't want coumadin in your system AT ALL when you conceive b/c that baby will have abnormalities. So that's why I can't just "quit trying" and hope to get pregnant...which is often the recommendation I get. :-) When Ryan & I say..okay we are ready to actively try and get pregnant, then I have to consult my Hematologist who writes me a script for Lovenox Injections, I get those going while coumadin gets out of my system...THEN we have the okay to "try." So I started these injections about 2 weeks ago.

These are all my used can't just throw those in the garbage...I take them to my dr's office to dispose of in their sharps container.

The worst part of these shots is the mess! :-) I am no neat freak by any means..but it really bothers me to have to gather all this stuff together twice a day. So I made this little organized system on a towel bar in my bathroom I never use. :-) Band-aids...alcohol wipes, & shots! Everything in one place where I don't have go around the house gathering it all up every morning & everynight! It may look tacky but these ziplocks & scotch tape have come in handy. Ryan suggested I add some ribbon to make it even better! :-)
Let the Games BEGIN!!!
Today is actually the 1st day to really begin taking meds for this whole in-vitro process. But guess what I had to do before I started my newest drug? TAKE A STUPID PREGNANCY TEST! UGH!!! I thought I would never have to buy one of those dumb test again that will have a negative sign on it. Even better, the one I had was expired so after the Super Bowl lastnight, Ryan & I had to stop at Walgreens so I could get a new one! The 1st drug I take could harm a baby so they just wanted to be sure I wasn't pregnant.
So...this 1st drug is... guess what? An INJECTION!!! :-) It's called Lupron. It basically suppresses my system (otherwise known as Menopause) so the dr can get me & the other patients all on the same cycle so we all have embryo transfer the same week. Crazy huh? I had to be on this before after I had surgery for endometriosis. It's really fantastic! You have night sweats, hot flashes and you are way emotional! I can't wait for it to kick in! :-) As you see below it's just a little baby needle...I only inject a didn't hurt. I have to do this one each evening. So now I am up to 3 SHOTS A DAY!!! That might be a world record? I am sure it's gonna get worse!

My new additions to my bathroom pharmacy! No children allowed in here! :-)
Here's the damage for now! I give all my shots subcutaneously (in the fat) of my stomach...nice huh? I don't really notice it unless the waist of my pants cut in that area..then that hurts! Most women show their pregnant bellies on blogs...maybe one day soon I'll get too...for now you get to see the progression of bruises! :-)
Well..I will have more news tomorrow...have a special appt in the morning..can't wait to tell you about it! To be continued...


The Farm said...

KK, I am so glad you are putting all this on here. It will spare you from answering the same questions over and over again. :)

Holly said...

I am so excited for you guys! I will be praying for you both. Hang in there, GOD has a plan for you and that perfect baby!

Josh and LB said...

Hey! So glad you are updating all sounds so technical on the phone but in writing it helps my slow butt out! I can't wait to be Aunt Lori! Love you!

Kiera said...

Love all the details! I know big stuff here and there but it's nice to know all the details, makes me feel a little more like I'm there! Love you and are praying for yall! Can't wait to see you in March!!!

Ashley and Nolan said...

It's exciting that the process is beginning now. Sorry you have to go through all those shots! :( Yall are always in our prayers! I'm glad I can get the updates here so I won't have to get them at Walmart! :) Love ya!

Natalie said...

wow! im so happy for you. well also so sorry for you. 3 shots a day! yikes. i am definitely praying for your family. love y'all tons!

Kimmie said...

you are so strong! I'm keeping you in my prayers and I'll be checking for updates regularly. Love you guys!-Kim (your cuz)