Friday, February 6, 2009

DAY 2 of Jake Steven Williams!!!

Today is day 2 of little Jake's life...Aunt Kelly went to visit him today! His daddy slept for a little bit while his mommy & me caught up. :-) Ash was doing great walking around out of that bed. Jake slept the whole time but we managed to get some more pics. He didn't even budge with my big 'ole camera 3 inches from his face making loud noises & flashing! What a good sport! This first one had Nolan and I laughing as Jake clawed his eyes out for the photo!

Here's an up close of that clawing :-)

Those sweet lil' pruney feet...

Nolan thinks he looks like Ash...I think he has Ash's ears & Nolans lips...but we'll see. He says Jake has her chin/jawline also...I think he's right about that too!

Long little toes..

Mommy & her boy!

look at this tiny arm...

Couldn't leave out the tiny cute leg...

Daddy getting a nap after about one & a half hours of sleep the first night!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the updates and pics! :) Such a cute baby!

Kiera said...

AWWW your the best!! Awesome pics. He is just so stinkin cute and
I'm jealous you get to love all over him and I dont! :) lol no Im glad you get to be there!! Can't wait till March!!

The Law Family said...

You showed me up! I am posting some pics tonight since my computer is finally fixed! yeah! Yours are GREAT. Thanks for doing that for Ash!