Friday, June 25, 2010

Grandpa Hinote comes to visit!!! & more...

My dad came to visit a couple weekends ago & Colton was glad to see his Grandpa Hinote! The Saturday Dad was here we had a prior engagement to attend but when we returned home the swing Dad had bought Colt was hung!!! We were SOOOO excited! We decked Colton out in his shades & he was ready to go!

Grandpa's know how to do everything just right! It was hanging at the perfect length & Colton loved swinging!
Dad explaining to Ryan how he hung that swing with NO help! He's a genius...he threw the rope over the limb! We were thinking we were going to have to borrow a tall ladder to hang the swing! :)
The church crew at Sunday lunch. We went to Firebirds!!! One of my favorites! In attendance: Ash, Nolan & Jake Williams, The 5 Southerns, The 4 Dyers, Rick & Brooke, Allison, Don & Kate Farmer...and us! It was a lot of fun!
Grandpa & Colton
Me, My daddio, & Colt
Me & My Bestie (Ryan) :)

Colton went on his first swim recently on his 7 month birthday, June 14th. We met church friends at the YMCA for some sun & cooling off. Baylee Southern is a great helper holding Colt here.
Surrounded by Southerners!!! ;) Ella Southern (Colts Girlfriend), Colt & Baylee
Almost all the crew: Haleigh Dyer, Hannah Dyer, Ella, Colt & Baylee. (Kate Farmer is in the background by that lifejacket) :)  Colton never cried the whole time we were there. But he wasn't overly excited either. I think I had high expectations of him laughing & splashing around...but since I had to hold him the whole time I guess he didn't feel too free.
This past weekend we went to the Farm up in Moulton, AL for a quick get-a-way, just the 3 of us. (well...4 of us counting Heisman) ;) We set Colts paknplay on the pier so he could play while we fished. It worked awesome! Heisman swam as always!

Colt chillin on the pier with mommys water bottle. Check out those rollie thighs!!!

Ryan fishin'...

My husband whipped up an awesome meal! Hamburger patties, fresh fried okra, corn & sweet tea!! It was Awesome! To be out in the country, we needed a country meal.
My snuggle bunny :)
Colt & Daddy
1 of many reasons we go to the farm...the sunsets...

1 of many reason I GO TO THE FARM :) To fish! How you like that bass Ryan!!! Ha ha!

Random: I LOVE PRUNES!!! :)

We had a wonderful time as always together. I thanked Ryan for WANTING to spend time with me & Colt. It seems so many dads/husbands don't care to spend quality time with their spouse or children. Ryan is definitely not in that category. We both know to keep our marriage strong we have to spend quality time together periodically even away from friends & family. My soap box: If you haven't done that in a while please do can't hurt!
See ya' soon!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Brookies Baby Shower

aka: My best friend :)

We had her baby shower at my work, Engaged - A Wedding Library, due to the remodeling taking place at our church. It's a very girly place so it was very appropriate for our lil' Caroline Williams.

The adorable invitation to coordinate with Brookes Javis Davis bedding.

Keri Southern did an awesome job embroidering these onesies for our clothesline.

Clever phrases for lil' Caro... No pressure Caroline... with both parents being Dr's :)
You can't help but sing..."sweet Caroline..bop, ba, ba.."

This frame just so happened to be on display at Engaged & it said Caroline & Josh. Since Colton is betrothed to Caroline...we had to edit it. :)
Carolines nickname banner :) 

I had so many diapers left from when Colt was so small & then overnight doubled his weight ;) that I made her a diaper cake. I made the topper a hairbow so it's multi-functional :) I added a FAVORITE of Colts...If you've never met Sophie the Giraffe then your teething child is MISSING OUT. She seems way too expensive for just a teething toy, but I promise you we have already gotten out $20 out of it. She squeaks but with Colt 6.5 months old we can still take her to church without him squeaking her...he can still chew but not have her make noise.
Da' Grubb...
Debbers Pressnell(Brookes Mama) and Brookie

Keri  & Allison in their cute dresses. Ashley sportin' her pink tongue from the HOT PINK cupcakes which were supposed to be pastel pink...

Some of the attendees: Ashley Williams, Priscilla Gray, Christi Key, Allison Farmer, Robin Stover & Bethany Tongate.
Her Vera Bradley diaper bag she wanted.

Her Sister-in-law Korie made her TONS of awesome stuff, from outfits to a diaper bag to these so cute burp cloths!

Avent Bottle FAVE bottle! (Colts too!)

3 silly friends: Me, Brooke and Keri

Sweet sisters, Baylee & Ella Southern, swingin' in the sunshine!

So pretty.

The Hostesses with the Mostesses: Me, Ashley Williams, Brooke Williams, Lana Drewery, Allison Farmer, Robin Stover, down in front: Keri Southern and Tiffany Hall

Awesome time! Anxiously awaiting the arrival of Sweet Caroline who is due July 10th!!!