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Well...this is a gonna' be a huge post with lot's of pictures & updates!!! I am starting where I left off...with coming home from Utah after seeing my nephew Eli born. I have to tell the story of the night I flew home. My hubby picked me up from the airport & on our way home we stopped by the car place so Ryan could pick up his car that was being worked on. Since we were in seperate cars we chatted on our phones to one another the whole 5 miles home...we were glad to be in the same state after 2 weeks apart!!! As most know..I like to drive fast....and thanks to my mother in law getting a new BMW a couple years ago...she was so gracious to give me her '95 Infinity..which is a V6 & I love the smooth, fast ride! :-) SO...needless to say I was way ahead of Ryan. I pulled into our driveway first & saw a Christmas tree lit up in our front window! Keep in mind, I am on the phone with Ryan & I started screaming w/ excited over this Xmas tree that WASN'T there when I left for Utah! All I could say was did you do that? did you do that? I LOVE REAL Xmas trees and was so sad we weren't going to have one since I was only getting home like 5 days before Xmas. (especially since this was our 1st Xmas in our new(old) house.) At this point I am thinking it's a fake tree, & it's strung with lights I'LL TAKE IT! Well as I go my surprise...IT'S A REAL TREE, STRUNG WITH LIGHTS, ORNAMENTS AND THE STAR ON TOP!!! So..I just want the world do know MY HUSBAND IS AWESOME! How thoughtful was that? Oh..and one last detail about the tree...instead of the tree skirt I normally use Ryan found a Xmas throw blanket in the box with the ornaments & that was laid around the base of the tree.... :-) I was so grateful he tried I left that hideous blanket there! :-)
Now let's begin some pictures of our Xmas with the In-Laws...Butchly & Mama Key as I like to call them! Heisman stayed with us at their house through Xmas...owned the house by the time we left & had everyone wrapped around his finger. This bone was what santa brought him. :-) The biggest bone I have ever seen...

Ryan's youngest brother, Jared, went hunting & when Heisman saw him pull up on that 4 wheeler it was chasing time! Later I took Ryan on that 4 Wheeler & did some 360's in this massive mud puddle as Heisman chased us and was covered with mud!

Butchly put his safety shades on Heisman who was completely content with them! How funny!

He looks like he is using them to read in this one!

We spent Xmas day over Grandaddy, Grandma & Aunt Carol Key's house...Ryan & I thought we would be funny & disguise Grandaddy's gift card in a Victoria's Secret catalog I had... :-) He got a kick out of that!

ROCK BAND!!! Wow did we have fun with this...I haven't see Ryan stay up that late in a long time...Rock Band got his attention! My sister-in-law was jammin' out! :-) She's gonna kill me for putting this picture on here! ;-)

Ryan rockin' out on the drums!

Butchly LOVES classic we got him & his sister (aunt carol) to try it out!

Is that a face or what? :-)

Told you Heisman had us all wrapped around his finger....he slept everywhere...on the couch with Jared, the loveseat with Christi, the floor with Ryan, the bed with Butchly & Mama Key...our upstairs bedroom floor...he was the King of the house! :-)

After Christmas was over, I headed to Huntsville, AL for a youth rally called Exposure. There were 1, 000 people there! I taught the teenage girls class & stayed with my brother & I got to see my first nephew, Mason. He's so precious!
Once I was back in town again we had date night with our best friends Rick & Brooke Williams. We went to Cocina Superior for dinner, then back to their house for coffee & our favorite card game...NERTS! (the shirt I am wearing is one my husband ordered for me from New York & Company....he did so good didn't he?!!)

Now we move on to some babysitting I did recently. Our friends Ethan & Keri Southern have two adorable children, Ella & Baylee. They hung with us one afternoon & we took them to church w/ us that night while their daddy & mommy went on a short trip out of town. While hanging at our house...they found my sticky flags in our office...who knew you could have SO much fun with those things! :-)
The one eyed Ella!
Ryan encouraged Baylee to do hers like a football player! :-)

Since ONE of my nicknames as a kid was Bucky Beaver (thanks to my siblings)...I thought i would make mine teeth!

Then..3 nights later Baylee spent the night with me, which was a promise I made to her as part of her bday present. It was Friday night & "big girls" go out on Friday we went to the McDonalds drive thru for a happy meal & to the Dollar theatre to see High School Musical 3...which was exciting for this 5 year old!
After our movie we of course had to be super "big girls" and go through the Starbucks drive thru! When I asked her what she wanted she said, "that thing my mommy gets"...which is a white chocolate mocha latte (decaf of course)!

Every since she got a make up kit for Christmas she has been telling me that when we have our slumber party she is bringing that make up! I don't think I was ready for the 10 applications of purple & pink eyeshadow...but I learned real quick that was the "thing " to do!

She insisted on putting all 6 lip glosses on after the other! :-) I figured a girls lips can't be TOO shiny!


At this rate, she'll better ready to wear make up by 6! I was able to teach her why that little eye shadow brush had two different from that point forward we applied then blended! :-)

Here she all brushed & her pretty make up

She looks so much older to me!

Somehow the word massage came she said we could do some massages! Ryan & Heisman decided to join in at this point. :-)

Her massage was so was the tiniest squeeze of your trap muscle then her little finger nails would lightly scratch in between your shoulder blades. And she doesn't move around..just really focuses on those 2 spots. :-)

Saturday morning was pedicure day. I took her to my favorite nail place where we both got pedicures & she also got her nails painted.

I wanted to to experience a "real" pedicure...soaking the feet, massaging the legs and she did!

Drying those nails!

She got the hook up with the flower painted on her toe & finger nail!

On to more current work had another party! Our newest issue of Perfect Wedding Guide came out so we had a party at The Dorothy McDaniel Flower Shop in Homewood, AL. It was a lot of fun...with guitarist, Keith Williams playing live music for us. Here are "the girls" ....Katie Burks: Engaged Librarian & Operations Manager, Stephanie Whitaker: Publisher & creator of Engaged- A Wedding Library..check it out at
and me...Account Executive (otherwise known as the Sales Person!) My job is to get wedding vendors to advertise in our magazine! I love my job!!!

So...this photo has a story behind it! I told my sister to get my hubby some muscley like shirts from Armani Exchange for Xmas. Well..she did and I encouraged Ryan to wear one to this party. I couldn't wait to see his oufit we had planned! :-) He was gonna look so HOTT! The owner, Dorothy McDaniel, overheard me talking about how hot my husband is! :-) So..when he arrived she came over to him & said she just had to see this HOT husband of Kelly's! :-) It was hularious! So...they decided they needed pictures together.. :-) we were all dying laughing before it was over with...they look like they are at Prom together! :-)

My friend Faith Peck (who was my trainer for 6 months at Riviera Fitness) came to our party too...
Me & My Hott hubby... :-)
Well...that updates you from the past month and a half...Keep checking for some up and coming EXCITING NEWS!!! (no I'm not pregnant!) :-)

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