Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Update on the new Nephew!

Our little man is doing well. They decided after he was born that he should stay in the NICU for 5-7 days due to an infection he contracted from the ambiotic fluid. So my sister went through her dose of antibiotics & Eli just has to be on his a little longer. He hasn't looked or seemed sick the whole time. He eats just like his daddy that's for sure. (my poor sister!) :-) Today though he got out of the incubator thingy & so he is progressing well. He might get to go home tomorrow!!! Which I am hoping for because Dad & I leave on one day at home with him would be nice. :-)
Holly thinks that Eli has my feet....french fry toes!
This is the day he was born...I got to snuggle with him! I seem blissfully happy here...with that smile don't I? :-) As I was snuggling I felt a rumble in the jungle....:-) So I got the honors of changing the diaper! Boy was it messy....
This was a beautiful view of the mountains with the sun setting across the way...we were in the Wal-Mart parking lot all taking pic's of this! I suppose we looked like tourist? ya' think? 
Friday night we went to Temple Square where the Mormon temple is b/c they have Xmas lights on display. It was dad, aunt janet, aunt Becky & cousin Terri all went. This was a Spanish nativity scene. :-) 
Becky, Me, Terri & Janet in front of the temple. 
This was the Indian nativity scene :-) The way the lights were shining it looked like I was laying out in the bright sun!
I thought this was funny...instead of Eli Yetman or Baby Yetman it's baby Holly Yetman! 
daddy & son's hands
Rock on man! This was too funny! 
Saturday night we drove up to Snowbasin to ride the gondola up the mountain to the tip top where a restaurant sits called Needles. They have a huge buffet on the weekends so we went up there to eat! This is Aunt Janet & her daughter (my cousin) Terri. 
Me, Dad & Aunt Becky (my dad's youngest sister) It was cold even though the gondola is enclosed. I figured out real quick that my Mary Kay compact can be used as an ice scraper! We couldn't see out the gondola windows since they were covered in ice so we had to improvise! Later I learned my powder was broken...I guess maybe you shouldn't use those as an ice scraper afterall! :-)
Look at this sweet baby boy...
Look at this hair...Yes! It is reddish brown...
Kevin giving Eli his sponge sweet huh?

I thought he sorta looked like he was smiling here. 
He see's his favorite Aunt KeKe...he's gonna associate the clicking of the camera with my name! :-) 
He's got daddies little ears & we think mama's big eyes...still hard to tell though....
Eli & Aunt KeKe.....
Apparently it snowed some more I got ready this morning & wanted dad to take a picture of me on those rocks in the background behind Holly & Kevins house. soon as I stepped in the snow it sunk down a little further than I I decided since I was only wearing two pair of socks & crocs...I should not walk all the way to the this is what you get!
Big foot went tromping through the backyard...or maybe it was just me! ;-)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Pictures of Eli Andrew!

Alrighty are all the photos taken from lastnight till now! Sorry they aren't in very good order...I was just trying to hurry & get them on there since we had a problem texting the photos! :) Enjoy...Dad is snoring right now, mom is eating lunch, and Eli is snoozin'. Everyone is doing well! He is a truly pretty baby. And I am not biased AT ALL! ;-)