Thursday, December 11, 2008

At Hospital 10 HOURS & STILL NO BABY! :-(

I am in Utah with my sister & fam as we await the arrival of Eli Andrew Yetman! We have been her since 9:30 this morning & still no baby! So...I busted out the laptop & decided this is as good a time as any to update my blog! Here are the pictures I have taken so far on our trip. My Aunt Janet & I arrived this past Saturday...enjoy!         As you can see Eli already likes Starbucks! Decaf of course! ;-) Then you can see we have turned Dad on to Starbucks. :-) 

Here's the beautiful future mommy at 39 weeks!
The 1st snow we had since we arrived was on Monday. My brother-in-law Kevin decided it would be a good idea to wake us up on the intercom that goes throughout the house...just to let us know it was snowing! My Aunt Janet was you can see below! :-)
Not quite enough snow for a Snow Angel!
Dad got her before she started her snow angel...he helped her make a BIG snow angel throughout the whole yard!

..."Standin' outside with my mouth open wide... a...a...a...a.........."
Kevin has his own candy dish on his stomach :-) Our chocolate covered coffee beans to keep us going strong!
I was giving Eli directions on how to get out of mama's belly...he still hasn't listened! :-)
So...thankfully we all like to read! Because while Holly & Kevin were dosing off we read. :-) Terri took the picture but she was sitting by me reading also! From L to R: Aunt Becky(my dad's sister) Me, My dad, Aunt Janet (my dad's other sister). let me explain this horrible picture of me! I decided since this is my first experience to watch a birth...I wanted to see EVERYTHING! So...i watched the epidural being given. It was all cool until he jammed that needle in her back up & in! Yikes..then I had to turn my head. Next, my cheeks turned the color of my sweatshirt b/c I got all hot & flustered watching that scary thing!:-)

The cute mommy & daddy... Kevin has been by her side all day!
Aunt Becky & Cousin Terri (Aunt Janet's daughter)...thank goodness the hospital has 6 seats in the room!

Dad, Kevbo & Janet...chillin 

Well..that's all I have for's 7:30 p.m. & still no baby...I'll keep ya posted! :-)


Josh and LB said...

Wow, no baby yet! I had been checking your blog so I was glad to get your message that you blogged your day so far. That little Eli just wants to stay in there I guess! I love the picture of you telling him how to get out! Too cute! I am also almost in tears because I think it is so special that all of ya'll went up there! Wow! That's awesome! I can't to hear about Eli. I'll keep praying! Love you guys!