Sunday, November 23, 2008


Well...back in October we went on a weekend get-a-way to Gatlinburg! My brother & his friends from church were going so they graciously invited us along! We had a fabulous time as you can see in some of these silly pictures! We had a great photographer on our trip, Bryan he was sweet enough to take pictures of each family! Below...the CRAZY FUN CLAN! 
The cool, calm & collected clan! :-)

My HOT hubby & myself. 

My brother Jeremy & his wife, Lauren & Mason (how cute are they!?)

Football watching was a necessity....too bad the pull out couch was stuck like this! ;-) At least it made a big chair for the games!

If you know me well enough, you know that I love marshmallow fights! I have fond memories of when my brother & I would have our high school friends over and late at night a marshmallow war would occur! Luckily, dad was a deep sleeper, and Mom didn't care...sometimes she would even join in! :-) So...I carry on that tradition 'many a trips' ! 

Please don't shoot! :-)

Jeremy & Kelly (bro & sis)

So the marshmallow fight must have lasted AT LEAST 30 minutes! We were sweating by the time we finished! The kids (4 boys) love every minute of it. They couldn't believe we adults started this....and came prepared for it! I had 4 marshmallow shooter guns! And at least 4 bags of marshmallows for ammo! :-)

Upstairs in the loft a little team formed! Those of us below got wailed on!
We did absolutely nothing but stay in this chalet all weekend, play games, eat my sister in laws rice krispy treats w/ chocolate on top (oh so good) and was wonderful! We're grateful we were able to go! 


Holly said...

You guys have so much fun no matter what you are doing! Wish you were one of my in-laws! Love, Holly

Kiera said...

So fun! So glad yall got to go. Looks like you had a blast! We must plan something like that soon!! Love and miss you oh so badly! Keep me updated on your sister! :)