Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Accupuncture AGAIN & 9 Different In-Vitro Drugs!!!

Well....there hasn't been too much going on in our in-vitro world YET. :-) I went back for my weekly accupuncture visit yesterday. Some of you (Ashley :-)) really wanted to see those needles in Dr. Ivey so graciously took some pic's with my camera! I was stuck with 10 needles again... all in the same location except some went a little lower on my stomach this go around.
I even got a stomach pic! This is where the majority of the needles go. The little square you see on the left of my tummy is my band-aid from when I gave myself my Lovenox (blood thinner) injection that morning. (just didn't want ya'll to think I have some weird perfect square mark on my stomach!) :-)

Last but not least..the ole' needle in the wrist! I'm tellin' can't feel it! I had these in me for 25 minutes again...& guess what I did?.......SLEEP! I kept dosing off...then I would jerk each time when I would get good & asleep then the jerking would wake me up!

Just another pic' of the hand!

Yesterday, I got a call from my nurse at UAB Kirklin Clinic to inform me that I could go get my "drugs" from the pharmacy. For some reason I was really excited to go get these. I guess because it means I am getting closer to a chance at that baby! So far, this process has been so NOT stressful...and easy. But I think I am mentally prepared for the upcoming chaos. Physically...there's no preparation! Well anywhoo...I go get my LARGE giftbag full of drugs yesterday. Below is a picture of everything!

NINE different drugs on top of the 3 I take on a daily basis!!!! Wow! Luckily she warned me that I WILL NOT be taking these all at once. These are actually ALL my drugs for the whole in-vitro process! Which makes it nice that I don't have to make multiple trips to the pharmacy.

Yes...those ARE SYRINGES!!!! MORE NEEDLES!!! It's a good thing I've got this needle thing down pat!

For those pharmacy friends (Brooke) of mine who will want to know the names of the drugs I'll be's an upclose view.

Okay...anyone notice the bottle with Xanax on it? Yeah...Xanax...that's for anxiety. How about I am bummed b/c there's only ONE pill in that bottle! ;-) Just kidding! I haven't been told what that one pill is for but I am pretty sure I remember the dr. telling me that the day they go in to surgically retrieve my eggs...I will be doped up to the equivalence of 2 six packs of beer! What's funny is...I have never this oughta be interesting! Ryan will probably have lot's of fun at that appointment. :-)

Last but definitely NOT LEAST...THE MONEY...THE BILL.....What SHOULD of been $3600 was ONLY $526.37!!!!! Thank goodness my insurance at least covers my drugs!

My next appt. is this coming Thursday (2/19) with my nurse to have an hour long visit where I bring ALL my "drugs" with me & we discuss how & when to administer each of those. I also get a calendar she has made for me which will show all my upcoming appts as we dive in deeper to this process. I am most excited about my calendar. I love a good calendar...and to see the timeline of this stuff will be fantastic. Of course...this is a rough estimate calendar...just a guideline.

I am getting excited......I Think! :-)


Main Street Productions said...

This is so great! I was on most of those drugs! But my insurance did not pay! And you are right, a good calendar makes the difference! Good luck to you!

Main Street Productions said...

BTW, what clinic are you visiting?

Kiera said...

FUN FUN!! Didn't like seeing the needles, makes me cringe... It's so hard to believe that it doesn't hurt.. That's crazy! I'm excited for yall! Thanks for the update. Love and miss yoU!

Anonymous said...

I am getting more and more excited!!! I think if anyone can handle this process it is you - I don't know how you do all those shots!!!! I keep you in my prayers constantly - well, and the rest of the Key clan lately!

Ashley and Nolan said...

Yay for acupuncture pics! ;) That is so crazy! I can't get over all the drugs. You're definitely becoming a pro at all the needle and shot stuff! Can't wait for more updates. You're doing great! :) Love you!