Friday, July 17, 2009

20 Week Ultrasound Pics & 4th of July Beach Trip!

Our 20 week appt was this past Thursday, July 16th, & I was literally 20 weeks that day. (yes I am a lil' late getting these on here...sorry Mrs. Brenda..hopefully you're seeing these before your trip to Europe!!!) Our lil' Colton was very cooperative this go around. The nurse immediately confirmed he was still a boy. :) As you can see in the below photo. The angle is as if he were sitting on a piece of glass & the picture is taken from below the glass (for those of you who have a hard time interpreting these pictures). :)

The below picture is his little profile.. & that random circle thing above his nose is not attached :) The nurse said it's just the embilical cord floating around. Thankfully...I thought we were going to have a Rudolph for a second! :)

This picture is pretty cool because you can actually see the lense of his eye! (our friend Dr. Ricky Willams liked this one..since he's an opthomologist) I especially like how his little hand is up on his face.

This is a shot of his lil' hand...

This is pretty wild...if you take both your hands & cup them around your nose & chin like you are about to yell through them...the view you see below is of that view of Colton's face. His nose then above his lip, then the black section is his mouth, then chin area.

A kinda freaky view of our lil' man...there's that eye lense again! He must have some big eyes..I keep seeing that lense! :) precious...a lil' foot. I am seeing some long, french fry toes :) that could be from Mommy or Uncle Jeremy :)

Overall it was a great appointment! They took a look at the 4 chambers of his heart b/c they couldn't get a good view before. Everything was wonderful though! He weighs 12 oz. as much as a can of Coke..but he is as long as a can of Red Bull. :) I go back in another 2 weeks, July 3oth, when I am 22 weeks along. Don't know when to expect another ultrasound...have to wait & see.

Just a quick run through our July 4th festivities! It started July 1st, Wednesday, when we went to Prattville church of Christ for services b/c my brother Jeremy was speaking for their summer series. (granted...thru traffic we didn't make it until the closing prayer) :( But we still got to visit with him & Lauren & some other friends. Below is my bro & his wifey, Jeremy & Lauren Hinote, and Me & my hubby Ryan.

Brent Missildine is the preacher at Prattville & I grew up to his preaching at Scenic Hills church of Christ in Pensacola, FL. So we had a great visit with them also. His wife Lisa & daughters Sarah & Laura are below.

Then we headed to Gulf Shores to stay at the In-Laws timeshare with the fam'. We had a blast! Ate some dinner at Cobalt...Mama Key & Butchly waiting to eat at Cobalt.

The "Key Boys"...Jared, Ryan & Chad. (single girls...Jared's the last "Key" boy available...BUT his sister-in-laws Christi & Kelly have to pass you through a gruesome initiation first) :)

Kelly Key & my wonderful sister-in-law, Christi Stephens Key. She & I spent lot's of time in the pool, along the side with our books on the edge. Although..we never read our books :) we just talked & talked. :) It was great to catch up! 

Don't ask me what my hubby is doing here! So silly! :) Gotta' love 'em! 

Can I just say..I love to see her laugh like this! Somebody was really funny..I have a feeling it was Butchly.

SO...then..something snapped! ;) She'll probably kill me for putting this on here...but I couldn't pass up the 1 extreme to the other! :) She looks like she is letting someone have it..but we all know that's not true!

Sunset off the deck of the condo...thank you God for that beautiful picture! (of the sunset of course...don't want that to be taken the wrong way...not talking about Ryan & I :-)

Apparently I'm the only one that got the memo to be silly in this shot!

King Mackeral (sp) Ryan caught! I couldn't go on this fishing trip :( they were taking the boat out too far & were afraid it would shake Colton up too much. I thought it would just get him ready early for deep sea fishing? :) I DID get to go out one night with the boys fishing. Jared, Chad, Ryan & I all went out but didn't have much luck. :( Our 3 pounds of shrimp mostly died because we had too much crammed in one our bait shriveled up fast! 

Sunset ride in the boat...could ride out there all day & night! Kissy hubby :)

Chad & cute!

Kissy Key boys ;)

We take "Key family" photos anytime we're together..this one's cute I think.

Jared, Me (& Colton in my belly), Ryan, Mama Key, Butchly, Christi & Chad

Again..Thank you God for that Beautiful picture!!! Nothin' like watching this as you ride toward it in a boat!

Butch (the captain of our boat) & Bev (our baconator! best bacon cooker ever!) :) 

Ryan being silly as always! :) What I love most about him!

Me...being normal :)

Me...being normal.. :) My "other" face shot. :) (yes..Allison Farmer that's your maternity skirt..just the back view) :)

Our Key Fella's

This is the deck of the condo where a bird decided to perch...Christi decides to get her camera & take a picture. Instead of standing back away from the sliding glass door so he won't fly away:) she goes up to the glass to get her photo & he immediately heads off... :) so funny...She at least got this shot!

Mama Key & her two daughters

hmmm..don't ask! :) Butchly decided for some reason :) to try on Christi's bathing suit cover up! Nice huh? (now ya'll know where Ryan get's it from!)

Wow...awesome shot (christi) can't have 4th of July w/o our flag!

Prior to the beach trip we had a 4th of July dinner w/ Grandma/pa Key & Aunt Carol Key. They boys decided to be just that..boys...& pass around Mama Key's wig she has through her chemo treatment. Couldn't pass up showing you these!

Ryan...a little to0 girly for me here....

The glasses are Aunt Carols..which look SO cute on her...not so much on Rino :)! WE had to add the headband for him...this is too funny! He was fighting us for this shot!

And does Butchly not look like one of the singers in the country group, Alabama? :) Can't remember that guys name..but he looks just like him here!

Next was Grandaddy Key :)...Grandma Key had to get his hearing aid back in as the wig knocked it out. :)

I am sure you got some laughter out of those! I know we had a great time as we always do with his family. This past Saturday & Sunday we spent the weekend all 10 of us (gparents & all) at the Farm in Moulton, AL. Fished tons! It was awesome! And we are going back this weekend... & taking my dad with us this time! I'll post some pics from this past weekend soon! note...have an interior decorator/florist, Mandy with Hot House Design Studio coming to the house Tuesday to check out the empty nursery to help me get inspired with my theme/color scheme. Since I work with Perfect Wedding Guide magazine here in Bham, I work with lot's of florist etc. Mandy just so happens to be an interior decorator also & once you see her work you'll see why I like her style. Those of you who know me will not be surprised I love her work when you see her website. So check it out! You CANNOT live in Birmingham, AL & NOT go to her shop! She has the most interesting, creative gift ideas & decor for your home...on top of being a floral designer!  Since this baby has sucked my creative juices out I need her help! :) Once she helps me get my concept down...I'll be rollin' on my own to make it happen! At least I'll be rollin' & not stand still with ideas as I am now! (maybe if I wasn't so picky this wouldn't be a problem. ) :) I'll keep you posted!


The Farm said...

I thought I recognized that floral design on your face...I mean hiney! LoL! I did a quick skim through of HotHouse Design but what I saw, I liked. Can't wait to see the nursery!!!

Christi said...

Your Dead...J/K. The pictures were good- well, most of them were good! : ) Love you!

Kiera said...

Loved the pictures especially the action shots. I just love candid photos! Glad baby Colton is doing good. Pics were adorable!!

Josh and LB said...

I love, love, love the post! So yeah, even with your description of the ultrasounds I still can't decipher those bad boys! haha :-) You are looking good girl and lil' Colton is already lookin' handsome like his mama and daddy! :-) Bev looks good. I love the pics of her and sweet. I cracked up at the pictures of Butch with Christi's bathing suit cover and the boys wearing Bev's wig...too cute!

Alli said...

I love the advertisement for Jared, especially since he was cracking on us blogging (at Chad's party--the last time I saw y'all). Way to put him out there! And then scare the girls away with talk of the initiation :)

Totally cracked up at the wig pics. Can't get over how different the guys look in it!

Holly said...

What a fun family. Love the name Colton. You look great. I laughed so hard at the pics of the boys in Mrs. Bev's wig. Tooo funny.

Kristy Fagan said...

Does jared not have a facebook ive tried finding him... I miss that face!