Friday, June 6, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend at Lay Lake!

So we had a quite a crowd at Ashley's parents lake house on Lay Lake over Memorial Day weekend. It was very festive... as you can see below I was chillin' on my "floating chair" as Ashley Kayaked.

Then the three girls, Me, Brooke and Ash did a little kayaking together!

Everyone got a turn....Brooke liked it so much she joined her hubby, Rick & my hubby Ryan for a journey....then later on my dad, Andy took a litte excursion on his own...after about an hour we thought he got eaten up by the resident lake monster! :-) But he showed up just in time for lunch! :-) What timing! got a little more intense with tubing....Ash & I loved this...and we managed to not get thrown off!

You can't have Memorial Day festivities without homemade ice cream! Ended up, the ice cream maker broke & my dad, mrs. seng, and others had to turn it by hand to get it to make!

And we couldn't go to the lake without our puppy, who is a Lab & loves the water!!! Unfornately I didn't get any pic's of him in the water...but this was his diving in spot...he was just checking it out. Heisman will be 6 months old this month...and probably is about 50 lbs. at this point! Ryan calls him my son. :-) What can I say...I have furry babies! ;-) the days wore on the eyelids wore down....Ryan, Nolan & Mrs. Seng dosed off. The best part is, Mama Seng slept like that on the porch all night!

Honk shoo, honk shoo....
Ashley & Nolan on one of our many boat rides. The first night we were there Mama Seng took us on a night boat ride in her pontoon boat. Well, we tried to get Heisman to come along but he as the boat left the pier Heisman dove in the water & started swimming towards the boat! After we hollared at him to go back & he realized we were getting farther away from him he decided to swim back to shore! :-) " Thank you God for a beautiful picture," that's what I say every time I see one of these gorgeous sunsets!
This was the game of the weekend, spot toss! You throw the bean bag in the's a little more complicated than that...but let's just say it's fun and Heisman was our referee.

My precious hubby Ryan...I laid one on 'em!
~ Gorgeous Ashley & a gorgeous sunset!


Kiera said...

I hate we missed that trip! Would have loved to be there!!! Looks like yall had a blast!! The "kiss" picture slightly reminds me of a few modeling pictures yall once took! :) lol! Great picture taking though and so glad your dad could join yall! Miss you and love you!!

Kiera said...

I inspired you didn't I?? I love the new look of your blog! Where did you get your layout? It took me forever to get mine to work and I actually had to go in a change some of the computer language, so that it would work. So glad that class at FU payed off! :) Love and miss you