Thursday, May 29, 2008

Update Time...back from DC!

So....I got back from D.C. about a week ago but as most of you know my work, Greystone Jewelers just went out of things have been crazy. That's my excuse for a late blog update! :-) My work is officially closed but I do have one more day of work tomorrow. Then on Monday I start my new job selling ad's for Perfect Wedding Guide, a bridal guide. I loved my job at Greystone Jewelers, but am excited about this next endeavor also. I will keep you posted about that. On to the final days of my D.C. trip! Well, Lori Beths husband Josh was so wonderful to take me site seeing one of my days there. I saw the capitol building, the White House, the Washington Monument, the WWII Memorial, the Wall, and the Lincoln Memorial all in one afternoon! This was my first visit to D.C so it was pertinent that we see these things! :-) For not being a history buff...I loved it! Was was really crazy was George Bush on his front lawn riding his bike & playing with his dog. It was so neat...he also decided to get an ab workout in while he was out there! You can see in the photos below. Josh was a great tour guide that's for sure! Now for Lori Beth, she is doing good. She still has her pick line in for her I.V. antiobiotics and her wound vac has been giving her some trouble but she also has that on for most likely a month or more. Her spirits are high, and her mommy is with her now for a little that's a blessing. Just keep praying everything goes smoothly she still has another surgery ahead of her and lots of bumps in the road! I had a wonderful time with her and Josh though....they are such a special couple. ~Me~
My tour guide: Joshua Walker
President Bush taking a break from his bike ride on the front lawn.
Pres. Bush doing his bicycle ab exercises! :-)
Flags around the Washington Monument


Kiera said...

THose are awesome pictures! I love them! Were there lots of people like you taking pictures? I'm sure some magazine would buy those from you! :) Glad you had fun!

Barnes Family said...

how cool you saw the president. i mean that alone is like way cool and actually on my list of things i want to do before i die. but not only did you see him but you got to see him doing something unpresidential. thats so cool. how fun!