Friday, May 9, 2008

Please pray for my best friend Lori Beth!!!!

Hi everyone,
My 26 yr. old best friend Lori Beth was put in the hospital today due to a staph infection. It all started about 2 weeks ago when she was drying a knife w/ a kitchen towel & dropped the knife on top of her foot! She didn't go get stitches or anything at the time, in fact she just cleaned it up & went on about her business going to work as a school teacher and all. After about a week of it still bothering her she went to see the Dr. They said she cut her tendon & needed surgery. She had the outpatient surgery this past Thursday, May 1. Then her husband Josh had to leave the next day for a mission oriented trip to the Czech Republic! She had help from friends the first couple days then expected to go back to work on Monday. Well, she had horrible pain, downed lot's of pain medicine without much relief, and went back to the Dr. on Monday I believe. The doctor started her on antibiotics but as of today she was still in extreme pain after 4 days of antibiotics and elevating her foot all week. So when her foot turned black today she went to the hospital. Her husband said when they took the bandages off her foot/leg today it was horrible!!! They had to bust a huge blister that had come up and the swelling was miserable. They did surgery just a little while ago to clean out the infection and to determine exactly what type of infection it was. After all that she does have a staph infection and aggressive at that, the Dr. said. They started her on multiple appropriate antibiotics tonight and are leaving the wound open so they can watch the infection. But they do feel very confident that they got all of it. She will still be in the hospital 4 days for sure and had to take short term disability from work! :-( Please, Please, pray that they got all the infection out and that the antibiotics will take care of the rest. She is in the hospital near D.C. in Falls Church Virginia, Inova hospital, room 681, bed 1 for any of those who would like to send cards, flowers, etc. Thanks so much!!!


ICURIS said...

we'll keep her in our prayers!

Kiera said...

How horrible!! What a freak accident. We will definitely keep her in our prayers. Keep us updated on everything! Love ya!

Chad said...

I read but never comment so I thought I would leave a comment this time to let you know that we will definitely keep her in our prayers.