Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pensacola Trip, my sister's baby shower!

So about 2 weekends ago we took a trip to Pensacola for my sister's baby shower. I am getting ANOTHER nephew!!! I am so pumped! I get to be an Aunt TWICE! Eli Andrew Yetman is due December 17th...what a GREAT Christmas present! I get a nephew who is gonna be born in that means a trip to the Mountains in snow season! I am so excited!!!! This was a fun weekend b/c all of us siblings were in town all at the same time...that only happens about once a year. Friday me, Holly & my sister in law, Lauren Lamunyon-Hinote, went to get coffee & pedicures. That night was the shower. This is Holly & her hubby of 1 yr. Kevin. (Aren't they cute?) :-)

I was playing around taking different pics!
This is an adorable diaper bag my two cousins got her.
And these are the best dessert you'll EVER put in your mouth! I brought these from Birmingham, they are called Baby Bites...this kind was everyones favorite, Turtle.
This was Eli's favorite present :-) from his Aunt KeKe
Another picture of the my beautiful sister!
This was Eli's other favorite present from Aunt Keke...since his daddy was in the military & is still associated with it, I thought he would like this! Then you see Holly's best friend that she has had since like middle school I believe, Angie Spinks-Edmondson, one of the sweetest people you will ever meet!
Some sweet guest that attended the shower.
Roger Ellis, Gloria Presley, Sharon Blanton & Donna Thompson
Some other attendees...Kristen Smith & my cousin Ashlyn Rhodes..(I thought they looked so pretty in these pictures)
This is another cousin, Tyler Rhodes...he is such a cutey!

Another adorable cousin...Chandler Sasser...he shows up with his mohawk & I just loved it! What a cutey! He knows how to strike a pose too! :-)
Mother & daughter...Dawn & Savannah Morris (my adopted little sister) :-)
Me & My sis!

My cousin Traci & I just happened to match. She has lost a lot of weight & looks awesome!

good ole' grandpa Hinote & my brother-in-law Kevin/Kevbo

Me & my daddio!
Those of you that keep up with my post may remember me showing pics of property my dad bought to build a house on. He just finished clearing it off BY HAND...NO BACKHO'S! He is the hardest worker you will ever meet. The property looks awesome! He retired this past May & decided he needing something to stay busy(that's where I get it from ya'll) :-) so he is building a house himself just cause!

Well...I still have a weekend of my nephews 1st birthday to post about & this weekend we are going to Gatlinburg w/ my brother & his friends so I will have even more to show you! Stay tuned!

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Barnes Family said...

so even though i didn't know anybody in those pics but you it looked fun. if you want to stop by for lunch or anything on your way to gatlinburg we're in knoxville. come and see us! bev and butch watched jackson for me one night last thursday. it was fun to visit.

CL said...

Fun post! Looks like you had a blast!!

Josh and LB said...

So Holly looks so cute! I am so excited for her! She needs to start a blog! And Tracy is tiny...she looks fantastic!

Holly Hudson said...

Hey girl! I found your blog through Kiera's. What a fun way to keep up with everybody! You look so good. Tell Ryan and the Key's I said hello. How's Butch anyway? Poor guy.
Hope y'all are doing good.