Thursday, January 27, 2011

I HAVE 3 Embryos IN ME!!!

I have THREE embryos IN ME!!!'s been a stressful week ever since Dr. Bates called us on Tuesday to tell us out of 9 eggs we only had 3 embryos. Stressful b/c we had to decide whether to put all 3 in & risk me having triplets & making me an extra high risk pregnancy or put 2 in & freeze the remaining one for a future cycle. The deal is with me being high risk due to my 3 blood clotting factors my Hematologist (blood dr.) feels it's safest for me to only have 2 embryos in me at a time. Since birthing multiples automatically qualifies you as a high risk pregnancy for me to birth multiples would qualify me as extra extra high risk! SO...we've been very prayerful this week as we approached todays Embryo Transfer. We didn't know anything about our embryos until we arrived this morning. I went to acupuncture first to be stuck with 10 needles & listen to ocean waves & used that quiet time to pray for God's guidance & to give us peace of mind in our decision making. I left acupuncture & went straight to Dr. Bates office at UAB's Kirklin Clinic were I began dranking 64oz of water! They need my bladder full in order to see easily to insert the catheter with the embryos. My sweet husband sat beside me very nervous as to the decision we were about to be faced with. Insert 3 & risk my safety? or insert 2 & freeze one leaving that embryo to be used in the future?  We met with Dr. Bates who told us our 3 embryos were doing well, two in particular looked really good! One was a 7 cell embryo with a letter grade of A- (If you looked back at my 2009 in-vitro blog post you will see where we were extremely excited that Colton was an 8 cell, grade B embryo b/c they NEVER grade them with an A b/c it's so uncommon! Dr. Bates had told me in 2009 that he had not seen an A embryo in a year & half!) Well, NOW he has! This one has extreme potential for pregnancy! Here is the picture they gave me of this embryo. :)

Then, he told us our 2nd embryo was an 8 Cell letter grade of C! This one also has great potential for pregnancy!!! (the other embryo that was transferred along with Colton was a B- but it didn't take...obviously since I just had Colt) :) Here's a picture of this sweet embryo.

 And for our 3rd embryo it is a 3 cell, letter grade D.

 This is the one we had to decide to transfer or freeze? When Dr. Bates told us it would not make it to the point of freezing it would die on its own in a couple of days we decided we wanted to give it a chance at life! Maybe being put inside it's momma will do it some good & it might be strong willed like it's momma & kick some tail in there & continue to grow! Due to the grading of the 3rd embryo (& it not being so good) our chances of Triplets is ONLY 1%. SO...that doesn't worry us. We know that God is in control & if we have triplets we will cherish them but most likely we will have at least one pregnancy (we hope!). Our chances of twins is 15-20% for all of those wondering :) Dr. Bates did say this batch of embryos is better than our Colton batch AND we GOT a pregnancy with the Colton batch! So it's looking very good that we'll get 1 if not 2 babies out of this IVF cycle!

This is a picture of the 3 Embryos inside me :) Can you see them? Neither can I! :) So no worries!

Here is the sheet they gave us showing the stats of what all we had etc.

Funny Story: After Embryo Transfer today I went BACK to acupuncture. I laid on the bed got my needles stuck in my knees, wrists & ears. This time though...instead of listening to ocean waves the Dr. asked if I would like to listen to Embryo Transfer Meditation. I said Sure! (not having a clue what that would involve) I lay there & hear the soft soothing voice of this woman coming from an Ipod, saying, "take a deep breath, let the tension out, take another deep breath, now visual the embryos attaching to your uterus" !!! Okay at that point I wanted to die laughing! But I couldn't b/c the needles would have hurt had I started moving around. So I took some deep breaths which did get me very relaxed & I decided maybe this was supposed to be the Power of Positive Thinking? So...I did my visualizing...THEN....I no longer heard the soft, soothing voice of that woman...cause I fell asleep! :)

So..I leave you with that for now! Wednesday, February 9th is Pregnancy Test day!!! Woot Woot! Please keep praying that we are blessed with at least one healthy pregnancy if not more! 


Amberlee said...

Aweee i'm so happy for you guys..We wanted to do IVF so bad but we cant afford it so guess we will just stick with IUI for now.. So you find out the 9th and i go in the 5th to find out yayyy!.. I really pray we're preggo together :) I'm also high risk cause of my Diabetes so I totally understand the risks. We will keep the prayers coming your way God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! I picked up you blog address at IVF night...I had my Retrieval Sunday and had 26 that fertilized. I will know how many will make it freeze tomorrow. It's been great following your blog!!

Jeremy said...

(women's voice) Breath deep.....deeper....oh, even you hear it? it's the sound of the embryos attaching to your uterus....oh yeah....
I think I would have laughed too when I heard that CD playing......funny!

Jennifer Crow said...

Praying for you Kelly- love you!

Lori Beth said...

Loved this posting! So exciting! God will see you through all of this and I can't wait to hear if you have one, two, or three!

Praying best friend! Love you!

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