Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My In-Vitro Calendar of Events!

Well, I went on Thursday (1/6 /11) to get my Calendar of Events as I like to call it, from my nurse Lee Ann at Dr. Bates office.  It has each appointment for the in-vitro process on there so you know what's happening when. As of now, my next appointment is tomorrow, Wednesday, for an ultrasound & to get some labs drawn. I haven't started any new drugs yet...those will begin sometime this weekend. The Lupron I've been on for a week & half now has definitely shown it's ugly face. :) With hot flashes during the night, irritability & not wanting to be social(which IS NOT me!) My tummy is currently seeing 3 injections a day which will soon escalate! Especially since I learned at my last visit that Dr. Bates has doubled my Menopur prescription which is to increase egg production. In 2009 when we did in-vitro I produced 10 eggs. This time they're doubling the egg production meds so they can hopefully get even more eggs which in turn will result in more embryos. Reason being...we know the best chance for me to get pregnant is through in-vitro & since I want 4 kiddos they are wanting to have some embryos to freeze for future babies..OR if this cycle doesn't work then I wouldn't have to go through the entire process again. Last in-vitro I had 10 eggs, only 8 formed embryos, 2 embryos were placed in me, the remaining 6 embryos (we had hoped we could freeze) all passed away before making it to that point. :( So, I was left with none in the freezer. We'll see what happens this go around! All I can say is pray I can still sit down once I start that drug! I remember last time having to lower myself into the pew at church b/c my ovaries were so sore from pumping out all these eggs. With a double dose of meds!!!! I CANNOT imagine! AND a 1yr old boy who likes to rough house his mama....we'll have to call it quits for our wrestling sessions for a bit. :) I'll let you know how tomorrow goes!!!
Mama of 1 hopefully soon Mama of 2 (or 3) ;)


Robyn said...

We are so excited for your family! You are so strong. We're excited to hear all of the news! You'll be in our prayers.

LaTonya said...

I have to say, I miss all that IVF talk!

Ann said...

So excited for ya'll! Praying for you daily

Aunt Jan said...

Oh My Kelly.GOOD LUCK! You are one brave mama! And Ryan is a brave papa too. We love you and you are certainly in our prayers.