Sunday, January 2, 2011

We're Doing IN-VITRO to try for BABY #2's been a while since I've posted but I thought this would be a great way to let a lot of folks know at one time that we are doing In-Vitro to try for Baby #2! Last time we did In-Vitro (Feb/Mar of 2009) it worked well for me to keep everyone apprised of our journey by using this blog. I plan to do the same this go around.

The run down on why we're doing In-Vitro again. You're wondering why don't we just try on our own right? Maybe my body knows what to do now that I've had one child? We all know of someone who did In-Vitro & was successful then just popped up pregnant on their own a few months later right? These same thoughts have run through my mind too!

We did "try on our own". For 7 months to be exact. We used ovulation kits to better our chances but with no luck. Due to me having endometriosis my chances of getting pregnant "on my own" is only 2-3% ! That was a SHOCK to me! A very small chance. Here's another interesting stat our Dr. told us, a couple who has NO infertility issues (a normal couple) has only a 20-30% chance of getting pregnant each month. That percentage was surprising to us too.

We met with Dr. Bates at UAB's Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility on December 1st 2010 to discuss our options. We had hoped there would be a cheaper, less evasive route this time. There isn't. In a nutshell the SAFEST for KELLY b/c I am high risk due to 3 clotting factors is to do In-Vitro. The procedure yeilding the highest success rate, In-Vitro. I'll have a 60-70% chance of getting pregant, this was the same percentage I had with Colt. So, once we had that information we knew what we had to do to have our 2nd child.

I have already had a few appointments in preparation for the big event. They checked the current state of my egg follicles, drew lots of bloodwork (for Ryan & I), & drew more bloodwork! I have already been

switched over to my Lovenox Injection blood thinner which I give myself twice a day in the stomach. The pill form of blood thinner, called Coumadin, can harm a fetus so we had to get that out of my system. The injectable blood thinner does not harm the fetus, it passes over the placenta. I started my first drug of many today, it's called Lupron. It is also an injection that goes in my stomach, but only once a day! This particular drug will supress my system & make me go through menopause. They do this so they can control your cycle  & get all the in-vitro patients on a similar schedule to contain the chaos. :) This drug has some stinky side effects that I NOR RYAN :) look forward flashes, night sweats, moodiness etc. But it's all worth it in the end if a I get another one of THESE! :)

Last time we did in-vitro we let the WORLD know about it! And you know what, it helped others going through infertility & it allowed more people to be praying for us to have the blessing of a child. worked! We did get blessed with our now, 13.5 month old, Colton Christopher Key. So, we solicit your prayers again as we go through this next month & a half of prodding & procedures.

Thanks from the Heart,
Kelly (mommy to 1, prayerful to be a mommy of 2)
Ryan (awesome daddy to 1, prayerful to be a daddy of 2)
Colton (who would like a sibling to give open mouth kisses too & share his "bite bites" with)
Heisman (our 120 lb. yellow lab who needs another kiddo to stomp on his paws)


Alli said...

Yay! I'm excited for you guys to start this journey again--praying that everything goes as smoothly as possible and that there will be a little Cuddly in your arms less than a year from now!