Saturday, March 7, 2009

Egg Retrieval on Monday!!!!

So this week I have been doing my 5 shots a day! And I went to the Infertility clinic twice. On Tuesday (3/3) they did lab work to check my estrogen level & it was 194. They also did an ultrasound (no...not on the outside of your body :-( ) to see how my follicles were developing. The follicles are fluid filled sacs that hold your eggs. The previous week I had 17 follicles, 12 just on my right ovary & 5 on my left. On this visit they only checked the follicles that are 1 centimeter or bigger. I had a few on my right ovary & 1 or 2 on my left. So I was progressing nicely they said & my uterine lining was a 7!!! Which apparently is fantastic! I bet ya'll are jealous ;-) !!! So...I continued on my fertility shots & come Wednesday afternoon I was hurting! I called the nurse to see if I could take Lortab or something else strong...but they said NO all I could take was Tylenol. They also decided they wanted me to come in the next day so they can be sure everything is okay. I went in Thursday & again they checked my Estrogen level & it was 694!!!! Remember just two days prior it was 194!!! Crazy how those drugs start to kick in! Next they did an ultrasound again & apparently my ovaries just started taking off with eggs! I had a lot more 1 centimer of larger follicles on my right & like 4 or 5 on my left..just in two days time! That was the cause of the pain...which is normal. They were thrilled & said everything is just perfect!!! At this point they decided my eggs would be ready for retrieval this Monday, March 9th at 10:30 am.

Here's an updated picture after a few days of 5 shots per day!! "I ain't scurred of no needles!" :-)

I did my last set of 5 shots a day lastnight!!! Yay for progress!!! Today I only have to do 3 shots! 2 blood thinner shots & a HCG Trigger shot at 9:30 tonight! Isn't that funny that I have a set time to do it?! I thought so! Then tomorrow on Sunday, I only do 2 shots!!! My blood thinner shot in the morning & the last one at 7pm. They don't want me to do it any later b/c they don't want me to bleed internally with the egg retrieval. So come Monday morning I will not do my typical blood thinner shot, I will wait until after surgery. Well that's the update for now! Please pray that the surgery to remove the eggs will be successful with no internal bleeding & lot's of eggs! They will tell us afterwards how many eggs they get! Yay!!!

Side note: My dad has been in town this whole past week remodeling our master bathroom. :-) We've started calling him "Senor Andy" .
:-) We took him & Ryan's dad out to dinner to Fire & Ice one night.

My Dad (Andy), Me, Ryan & Ryan's Dad (Butch or as I call him, Butchley).

Check back on Monday or Tuesday for an update on how many eggs we got!
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The Farm said...


Ashley and Nolan said...

YAY for all the great progress! I'm so excited! We are praying for you! Hope all goes well and I will call you tomorrow! :)

Josh and LB said...

Reading your blog just made me miss you so much and I wish that I could be there during all of this! Like I told Hannah and Mac, I have been praying for both of you as you are going through a difficult time that has required/will require lots of patience and trust in the Lord. God is wonderful and I know He has an awesome plan ahead. I have a little something for you that I will be sending in the mail in the next week or so...I have to wait for it to be sent to me first. I hope you like it! Praying for you guys! Love you so much!

Allison Gray said...

Hi Kelly! Just wanted to let you know I am lifting you up in prayer this morning. I pray everything goes well with your ER and you get lots of good eggies!

Holly said...

I'm thinking about you guys! Love you!

Kiera said...

I'm thinking and praying for yall!! I love and miss you and get to see you FRIDAY!!! I'll have Tyler rub your belly, I'm sure it will help!! ;) Love you!