Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Today's OB visit...'s 1st visit to my "new" OB didn't go quite as planned. I got there & filled out all that paper work (which w/ my medical history...takes forever!) Then, the doctor comes in & tells me she is not going to treat me. Ever since my infertility dr had scheduled this appt for me her & him have been in lot's of discussion apparently. She came to the conclusion that she would go ahead & meet me at my appt today so she could explain in person why she doesn't feel comfortable being my dr. She is sending me to UAB's Maternal Fetal Specialist a.k.a high risk doctors. She said when she trained at UAB during school she dealt with anticoagulated (blood thinner) mom's. So she is familiar with it but that still doesn't mean she specializes in it. She cannot guarantee that she would be the one on call to deliver my baby...and if someone else in her practice is on call then she wouldn't feel comfortable with them delivering. She thought it would just be silly not to have the Maternal Fetal Specialist have me when they are right down the road! And I will be rotating amongst all ( 5 ?) doctors so they will all be familiar with my case. And they are all trained in this so any of them can safely deliver my baby. Needless to say I am pleased she was so up front about this. She could have just kept me to make money...or just being prideful...but she didn't. Now I have an appt with the specialist OB's on May 19th. But this Friday I go back to this regular OB I saw today for an ultrasound to determine two things: My for sure due date (based on measurements etc) and if I am having multiples. She wants to check thoroughly to be sure. :) I am real excited about that visit! Because today we didn't do an ultrasound like I thought...I miss seeing my baby! They have spoiled me with seeing he/she every week! All in was a good visit. I and all our families will feel even better with me having specialist OB's.
So..I spoke too soon about throwing up only 3 times. Today made 4! :( Actually just a bit ago...when I got home from church...there went my KFC potatoe/chicken bowl I had for supper! What's funny is I just left church saying I was home pulled out the KFC cole slaw & ran to the bathroom. So no cole slaw for me. :)
Please continue to remember my mother-in-law, Bev Key, in your prayers. Just last week she had her 2nd chemo treatment. She is doing as expected...has already lost her hair :( ...her attitude is great as always though.
~Mama Kelly


Chad said...

You are in the best hands you can be in with the doc's at UAB. When Teale was pregnant with Kendall, our St. Vincents OB sent us to the "high risk OBs" at UAB. The facilities themselves aren't that great, but the OB's are second to none. These docs are looked up to by the rest of their field throughout the country and are considered leading experts in what they do. All that to let you know that you are in the best possible hands you could be in.
Oh and FYI, while the doctors are great, the billing dept. stinks. They will try to pull one over on you, so don't just assume they are right about a bill they send you. When we delivered Kendall there we got a couple of bills that the hospital couldn't explain when I called to find out about them, so they had no choice but to remove them.

Crystal said...

I have been blog hopping all morning and stumbled upon your blog. Your story is amazing. You are definitely in my prayers. BTW, I go to Adamsville church of Christ.

The above comment is from my brother.

Alli said...

Well, I hate that the appt didn't go as planned, but I hope the next visit is fun! I'm secretly hoping (well, not so secretly, since I'm posting...) that they will find another baby :) I want you to have a double-dose of fun! Of course, one dose is extremely entertaining anyway. YAY for you!!

Josh and LB said...

I am also very pleased with the Dr. although, why couldn't she tell you all of that on the phone to save you a trip? least she told you though and better safe than sorry. I wish Dr."A-hole"...I mean, Ahalt would have said those things to me. :-) You can delete this comment too if you want...haha

Still praying hard for Bev!

CL said...

Hey Kelly!! I am glad that they are going to have you with the best docs possible!! I'm so excited for you and Ryan and I hope that the entire pregnancy goes perfectly. I can't wait to meet your little one :)!!

~Carol Leah