Tuesday, May 19, 2009

1st appt with the High Risk OB! & more...

Well, I went to my first appt with Dr. Kimberlin at UAB's Maternal Fetal Medicine yesterday. (monday 5/18) Everything went well...she did a lovely full exam on me & discussed my 3 blood clotting factors. She decided to add more medicine to the 7 pills & 3 shots I currently take each day. I have to add 1500mg of Calcium because the blood thinner I am on, Lovenox injections, can cause you to have osteoporosis. I have been aware of this, that is why at times my Hematologist (blood dr.) has made me come off of it(& back on oral pill Coumadin) to give my body a "break". This Dr. prefers I take the calcium since I have to stay on the Lovenox injections until I am finished breastfeeding (if I am blessed to be able to do so.) So..that's cool...what's a couple more tablets! :) Besides that, I had 4 vials of blood drawn...which I have no clue what those were for. I get so much blood drawn that I don't question it anymore. :) Then I went for an ultrasound & that was pretty funny. I was 12 weeks yesterday & so the technician immediately went to my stomach to do the ultrasound. Well...I have the picture below to show you that you can't see a thing! :)

We could see the baby on the screen but barely. She said my uterus is tilted back, which is fine, it just makes it hard to see the baby on an external ultrasound. The Dr. just wanted to be sure there was still a heartbeat...and the tech immediately said..."oh there's a heartbeat b/c that baby is moving around like crazy!" :) She did go ahead & listen to the heartbeat & FOR ALL OF YOU WANTING TO KNOW THE HEARTRATE.... I finally remembered to ask! It was 176. The tech said the idea that a certain heartrate can predict gender is a myth. She said basically you have a 50/50 chance of it being right so...of course at times people will guess correctly! She said they have had some that went along with the myth & it was right & some that were wrong. So it's just not a good prediction. BUT I decided to research the internet anyways...and 176 means a girl. Once I start popping out I'll have to do those other silly gender test too! :) Another question many of you have asked is whether or not the dr's would prefer with my high risk bleeding condition that I have the baby vaginally or have a planned C-Section? THE ANSWER IS....vaginally if at all possible!!! Quote from the Doc! I'm excited about that...I am looking forward to the excitement of not knowing exactly when I will go into labor! :) You mom's are probably saying I am crazy...but as of right excite's me! :) So that was about it...overall it was a good visit. I liked my dr. & it's funny to come from seeing a regular OB then to a High Risk Specialist...she just acted like I was a normal pregnant woman! It was a great feeling...she is just so she has no worries about me & this pregnancy! I go back in two weeks, on Tuesday, June 2nd. At that point I will be 14 weeks. I asked the lady who checked me out what I will be doing at that appt..ultrasound? just seeing dr.? and she said she didn't know it didn't say on my form! She also said not to expect an ultrasound b/c normally they don't do ultrasounds each visit...but she said she doesn't know my high risk they might! So..I don't know...I hope another ultrasound is to come!
Now I want to update ya'll on some other things in our life. Yes..we DO have a isn't just about me being pregnant. :) 1st off..I had to take this picture of ALL my needles from the In-Vitro process!!! Yikes! Before I took them to the Dr's sharps container...
I had to keep a memory. :) probably didn't know that my Dad who we now like to call, "Senor Andy" :) has been driving up from Pensacola, FL since the end of February to remodel our master bathroom! When he started he would come up on a Monday & stay until Friday then go home for the weekend. He did that each week for a while. Then he started coming up on Mondays staying until Friday then heading home for a week long break then back to Bham! Currently he is "off" :). He'll be back next Monday or Tuesday to continue his work. When we bought our house it was 4 bdrms 1 1/2 bath. We knew going into it we had some remodeling to do. We hired out the job to make two bdrms into one master bedroom. That has been finished for a while now. Those guys framed out the mstr bath during that process but we planned on them coming back a few months later to finish that part. THEN, my wonderful, retired, can do anything he puts his mind too, Dad offered to save us LOT'S of $$$ and remodel the bathroom himself! He kept hinting each time he would visit that he could do it, he could do it and it would save us money. I just felt bad taking him up on it..once he said he needed a project I said OK! :)
The below picture was our former Half Bath that is in the mstr bdrm.

Ugly..ugly...ugly.. what is up with that blue?!

Now, as you see that blue floor is a shower floor!!! WE made the whole half bath one big walk in shower! This picture is actually a couple weeks old..b/c now my dad has the whole shower completely ready for tiling!

This used to be the closet in the mstr it is a "toilet room". It's small but get's the job done! It has a pocket door that goes into the wall & comes out if you want privacy. We did that for the next person who buys the house..we'll never shut that door! :) We're real modest! :)

This is the new vanity area! Yay for 2 sinks!!! My OWN space! We are currently sharing our full bath off the hallway..which has one little vanity space. Fun for when you have guest & you all get to use that shower & sink! ;)
Notice this mirror has no frame. I had glass cut the size I wanted & installed. Then the glass folks told me about Framed Reflections!

Ta Da! Doesn't that frame make it just pop?! Ryan & my dad thought I was crazy..that it was a waste of money & it looked fine without the frame... I don't think so! :)

Somewhat the whole view of the vanity.

By the dad has never done plumbing until now! He did all the plumbing, wiring, sheet rock...just everything! He spent many a days under our house in the crawl space. He's a great worker b/c he's a I know I can trust anything he does to be done right the first time! (and he's free) ;) just kidding!
So...since all this baby talk...I have updated you on our pup lately. He is currently our baby until Baby Key comes along! Heisman is now a year & half. He's our wonderful behaving lab. After lot's of storms this wkend I asked Ryan if he wanted to go with Heisman & I "mudpuddling". My term for putting on your Leopard print Golloshes (sp) :) and walking in mudpuddles! Heisman LOVES the we knew he would enjoy this! Just across the street was this water & he just laid & stretched all in this!

We didn't get the camera out until the end so we don't have a shot of him in this persons yard rolling all around in a mud puddle! It was so funny! We couldn't get him to leave! Once he got in the puddle above it rinsed most of his blackness off. But daddy gave him a good spray down once we were finished with our walk. Heisman just stood there letting Ryan spray him! what a great dog!
Now! for the shake off! Is this not the craziest picture. It kind of scrared me at first...I was like where's his head?! Apparently his eyes are squinted shut, ears flopped down, and mouth spread out by the shake! Kind of hard to tell just by glance though!

Here he is all cleaned up! He's so cute!
Ryan & I decided we can't wait until this lil' one comes along so we can ALL go "mudpuddling"! :)


Chad said...

Next time you see Dr. Kimberlin, ask her about her dancing. She used tell us all about how she loved to get all dressed up and go out dancing.

Teale said...

Ha ha! Chad, I remember that! I remember she'd be all decked out in her "doctor wear" and also be wearing 6" jeweled strappy stilletos. I have no idea how she walked all over the hospital like that.

Dr. K is WONDERFUL! I was starting to wonder if she was still at UAB... we had a couple "check up" high risk ultrasounds there when I was pregnant with Harper and we never saw her. We saw Davis, Biggio, and Rouse (all still great, you really can't go wrong with those MFM doctors). Take comfort in knowing that they are leading the country in their field.

OK... I want to know where you found the frame for your bathroom mirror? Was it custom made? I'm looking for something like that. Ours is just the plate glass mirror... and BLAH! Your bathroom renov. looks great, by the way. :)

Alli said...

Ouch! I'm not liking that needle collection. Sounds like you'll have a bigger one by the end of pregnancy--3 a day?!? Ouch!

I LOVE the new bathroom, and YES the frame makes a HUGE difference! Boys don't know what they are talking about. I'm glad you are rid of the blue--makes me think of smurfs! And smurfs aren't really a bathroom thing...

And lastly, the mud puddles. Girl, you are crazy! Just looking at the pictures made me feel icky and gross. I know, I know, I have a lot to look forward to with John. (I always call in Rob for the dirty work--mud and dirt make me nervous!)

Kiera said...

Love the bathroom it looks great! THank goodness for men who know what they're doing with some tools. ;)
Love the update sista~ Great job! :)

The Farm said...

The frame on the mirror looks AWESOME! Attention to Detail Kelly, that's my friend. :)

I am so glad that Ryan felt like getting out and mudpuddling!

Kimmie said...

Great job on the bathroom, Uncle Andy! What a great Dad you got :) (and a great uncle, hee hee). And i agree, the frame makes a huge difference. I"m so glad things are going well with your new DR and that you are baby are staying healthy! And btw, Maggie and I are "mudpuddlers" as well. She has bright pink rain boots and we love to walk in the warm summer rain! Love you guys!

The Law Family said...

I have been keeping track of everything and love the update!
FYI--we found out Reese was a girl at 13 weeks. I had an ultrasound and I asked her to take a peek then...sure enough..she could tell. Love the bathroom-you have great taste!

Kristen said...

As if I didn't know before, you are going to be a great mom! Taking Heisman "mudpuddling" is the proof. I love you and can't wait to see you!