Tuesday, June 9, 2009

15 week Belly Picture!!!'ve probably been wondering when I was going to put a belly pic' on here?!?! Lately I have felt the "I'm not just's a baby bump" so I guess I got motivated! :) We had Redneck Bunco Monday night so I decided to be Redneck Barbie! As I was googling "redneck women" for ideas I found her. I am not so sure she really exists...thankfully...but I thought I would represent! As you can see below she has her cig, & beer along with her gazillion kids! And...don't let the black eye go unnoticed! :) Ryan decided I needed a tattoo with his initials in it, RCK...which everyone thought said RICK! So..that went over well with Brooke ;) Our hostess with the mostess, Robin Stover, made us all coozies with our name on them for our ROOTBEER...not really beer. :) It was so much fun...we had roadkill, gator bites, pig intestines & white trash to eat! :) The best gift of the night was the $5 gift card to Dollar Tree!!! Who knew you could get a giftcard to a Dollar store? Wow! What is this world coming too!

So...needless to say...we had a great time at Bunco! By the way that's my sister-in-law, Christi Stephens Key in the pic' with me...It's a huge deal for her to have a hat on & her hair in a case you were wondering how she is redneck. :)
Well...the pregnancy is still chuggin' along...I was 15 weeks on Monday. My last dr's appt was at 14 weeks but no ultrasound :( just a doppler to hear the heartbeat..which was still good & strong! And the best part of the whole visit was that I got a prescription for Zofran!!! It's a dissolvable tablet that taste yummy like strawberries & keeps you from throwing up!!! I had thrown up 8 times the day of that the Dr. felt it was time for some. :) My poor friend Faith took me to my appt at the last minute once I realized I would probably throw up while driving there. Luckily I came prepared with a tote bag with all the necessities... Apple store barf bag, roll of paper towels, wet paper towels & a bottle of mouthwash! Good thing too...I threw up in the dr's office (in the can thanks to Faith's quick reaction time!) and then on the way home in the car...but not really in the car b/c I had my Apple Store bag! But guess what? It had wholes in it where the drawstring was inserted!!! Didn't realize that until it came out on my pants and Faith's seatbelt!!! :) ewwwwww! She was a great sport though...she dropped me off at home & went to Publix, filled my script & got me gatorade & jello! Poor Ryan felt so bad...he had a very important sales appt that day with his he couldn't come. I've taken about 5 of those Zofran in the last week....but haven't thrown up since then!!! Well..stay next dr's visit is next Tuesday...16 weeks!!! Am I having an ultrasound? I dunno!?!? Wish I knew..they like to keep me on my toes apparently! If not will only be a couple more weeks from then that I would for sure find out the sex!!! yay!
~Kelly & Baby Key


The Farm said...

I guess no Intelligender for you. Ha! I understand. You are so close to finding out and who knows if those are accurate. Plus that is $35 you can use towards the baby's nursery. The only place it said that sold them in the Birmingham area was Swanky Stork which I found suprising. Nice belly! :)

Holly said...

Love the pic! That's so hilarious. Glad to hear things are going well... now that you have the meds to keep food down! Bless your heart.
We find out what we're having on Tuesday too! How fun. Take care.

Abbie said...

Awww...your baby bump is so cute!

Josh and LB said...

ummm......why have we not seen the bump earlier!!!!!! :-) You look so cute! It was just yesterday we were riding ya'lls go-kart and sitting on your trampoline while playing spin-the-bottle with james rich and who knows who else...haha

Now you're gonna have a kid that does that same very thing...can't wait to see what IT is!

Miss you!

Natalie said...

so for jackson i didnt find out the sex until 20 weeks. do y'all have a guess? and whoa 8 times in a day! i thought 5 times a week was bad but wow kelly you blew me out of the water!

Char G. said...

Hey Kelly,
WOW! I didn't know all of this about you. I totally understand now how this whole process works, after having read your blog from the "I'm Pregnant" moment. Congratulations! I have been ill for the past two years with some rare disorder, and I just heard the words a month or so ago that I may not be able to get pregnant. You have inspired me sooooo much with this blog. Keep up the good work. I will keep you and your family (your hubby, your baby and your mom-in-law) in my prayers. You can count it. God is so good!

Blessings to you,

Bounty said...

Congrats!! Enjoy these sweet moments before your life changes forever. Someday you’ll ask yourself what you did before your baby arrived and you’ll hardly be able to remember. I arrived on your blog randomly and I really like your posts and your pics aswell! I'm a mum of a little boy called Marlow and I really enjoy reading other mummy stories online. If you are still stuck take a look at the search thing at as you can search by meaning and origin - i found it really helpful when thinking of what to call Marlow. Finger and toes crossed for you and your baby! Jo