Tuesday, April 28, 2009

10 Weeks & only thrown up 3 Times!!!

I am finally back to my blog. So sorry for the delay! I went to Las Vegas for a Perfect Wedding Guide conference (for work) April 15th-18th. Came back with a cold virus that I could not get rid of, so I had no social life for that whole week! Believe it or not I am still battling this stupid cold...still coughing & hacking up a lung! (Well..that's what it sounds like.) Then our computer has been jacked I haven't been able to scan my ultrasound pics etc. to get this blog going. It's back & in action here we go!

We have had an ultrasound every week since I found out I was pregnant! Most women don't have their first ultrasound until 8 or 9 weeks...but when you are an In-Vitro patient you have to go all the time. Which is fine with us...because we get to see every little speck of growth...which is really awesome. 
This ultrasound is from 4-10-09, I was 6 1/2 weeks pregnant. We actually heard the 1st flutter of a heartbeat at this appt. Ryan couldn't really make it out...but I could..and the dr. of course. We all, Ryan & the nurse...Dr. Bates held it together though ;) 
This is the normal view.

This is the Enlarged view: so you can see the circle is the yolk sak & where the arrow is pointing is the Baby Key :)

This one is just 5 days later! (I told you I go a lot!) :) 4-15-09, 7 weeks.  I was leaving this day for my flight to Las Vegas...Dr. Bates wanted to be sure everything was good before I left town. 
As you can see everything just got slightly larger! But all was good so off to Vegas I went!

4-22-09, 8 weeks along. This is the normal view..No that is not 2 babies in that sack...everyone who has seen this pic' has asked me that. :) Baby Key is the larger shape, the smaller oval beside him/her is the yolk sack. The yolk sack at this point is getting smaller & smaller b/c the placenta is taking over. I asked where that yolk sack goes? They said it just "goes away"...I'll never "see" it. Your body just absorbs it. Cool huh? 

The Enlarged view actually looks like something now!!! 
This one is from 4-28-09, 9 weeks along. 
This is the normal view...and you can probably tell...his/her head is on the left with little arms curled up to it's mouth! 

This is the Enlarged can see the little leg stumps on either side on the right. 

That was my last appointment with my Fertility Dr. :( Sad day..I will miss that office! They are wonderful! Dr. Bates said everything is perfect so he is releasing me to an OB. Since it was my last appt when my Dr. heard the heartbeat again on this visit he took mine & Ryan's phones & recorded it for us!!! So we have it to listen to at anytime! Ryan will periodically text me to tell me he can't stop listening to it. :) So sweet!
I had an OB/GYN at St. Vincents hospital but my doc recommended I stay at UAB. UAB has the high risk facilities so no matter what hospital I am at in town...if something happens "high risk" (which is likely with my blood conditions/clotting) then they would just have to ship me over to UAB.  I feel better staying at UAB for that reason...and of course that eases Ryan & our families minds too! I didn't really have much of a relationship with my former OB anyways..since I have been an infertility patient I haven't even seen her in like 2 years. fertility Dr. picked someone at UAB for me. I had no clue who to choose...he knows who needs to "handle" me. SO..Dr. Cheree Stuart it is! I see her tomorrow morning, 4-6-09. I am real excited to meet her! Bad news is this will be the 1st appt Ryan misses. :( He had surgery today to remove a hemorrhoid :(  so he is out of commission for a few days. Tonight he said he is never working out again! That told me just how much pain he is in! If you know my husband you know he has lifted weights uhhhh since middle school & has never he approaches his 32nd bday this month! :) 
Regarding my "sickness" during this pregnancy..I am very grateful! I have only thrown up 3 times so far. This past Sunday was the last time. Since I am 10 weeks now..I only have 2 more weeks of my first trimester...which hopefully will mean no nausea!!! I have a lot of that..but thankfully not a lot of the actual thing.  Other than that I have just been very picky about what I want to eat. I had "wheat free" pizza lastnight that I made at home b/c I wanted pizza sauce soooooo bad! Then, tonight after Ryan & I watched a Papa Johns commercial he wanted pizza & I did too! So...I decided to order it & I scraped the sauce & toppings off onto my wheat free crust. :) It was delicious! I normally don't ever order extra toppings..but I did this time..extra sauce! I think I could just drink a jar of pizza sauce right now! So weird! Along with that is the salty craving I have ALL THE TIME. I don't think it ever stops. I normally love sweets but not since I have been pregnant! You can't even tempt me. I carry chips with me all the time. (even at church..but don't tell) :) 

Check back later this week for my ultrasound pictures from tomorrow! 
~ Mama Kelly :)


Holly said...

Yay, Kelly! We are still so excited for you guys. Tell Ryan sorry to hear about his rear!
:-) Hope he feels better soon. We will continue to pray for you all.

Anonymous said...

Wooot woot!! Can't wait to see the picture tonight! (of the baby, not Ryan!) :)
Have a great day!
Love ya lots!

Kiera said...

I"m sure Ryan loves the fact that everyone knows about his "surgery" now. ;) But I guess everyone knows about your uterus, so really what's the difference, huh?
So glad that everything is going great! My guess is your having a boy with all that saltiness cravings. That's exactly what I did and Mandy did with Austin. Who knows. ;)

Alli said...

Hmmm... I'd have to see you to be sure, but my vote is "boy" based on that salty craving. I'm a sweets girl too, and all I wanted was salt with John! Hope you have a boy name picked out!

I love the ultrasound chronology. It's great to have so many pictures! Glad you are back in the blogosphere :)

Priscilla Gray said...

Hooray!!! I am so excited they released you to the regular OB!!! Does it seem real yet??? I have almost messaged you several times to check on your sickness, but I thought, "if she is sick, the last thing she wants to do is text or talk." I am glad it has not been too bad!! Sorry to hear about Ryan's pain in the booty :) - hope he feels better soon!! See you Monday!!

Natalie said...

im so glad you posted again. i really enjoy hearing your news. i've been thinking about all you keys a lot this week. happy mothers day!

Josh and LB said...

So I totally didn't see this post or else I definitely would have commented. LOVED seeing pics of the baby! She/he is looking like quite the stud already! :-) Can't wait to here more!

Love you!