Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Remodeling Phase 2 & Bro' comes to visit!

So, the remodeling continues...this is their 2nd week at work! This first picture is the view down our hallway into our master bedroom. There used to be a hall closet at the end of this hallway, but now it opens up to our master bdrm!

Then if we proceed into the room (this is your guided tour) :-), and take a left you see the walls they put up! The door on the right goes into MY walk-in-closet (I have yet to figure out where Ryan's closet is?) :-) The doorway on the left is our master bath. Remember...currently we only have a half bath in there...where the light is shining out of the doorway by the window, that's our half bath...which will be one big walk in shower! I have figured out I have expensive taste when it comes to tiling this shower, b/c the only tile I like is glass tile...and well...that's like $20 a sq. ft versus ceramic tile for $3 a sq. ft! Anybody know of a cheap place to get glass tile...let me know!

A closer look at the opening to where are bathroom door will be shows you our "toilet room" :-) as I like to call it! To the left of that 2x4 is Ryan's old closet(I guess he could still use that as his closet!) He can just hang his clothes in the "toilet room" !!! I am a genius!

So..if you are standing in our new bathroom area and look across the room you see a big open space like below! We have 3 big windows in our room! I love all that natural light! You can see they have put up sheet rock & base's coming together!

Amidst the remodeling you'll see how much I love my family b/c I allowed them to come bearing friends this past weekend and stay with us! :-) When you have an adorable 10 month old nephew who's tagging just can't turn 'em down! My brother is the youth minister at Central church of Christ in August, GA. So he brought his youth group to Birmingham for the Southern Evangelism Conference that was nearby. So..the chaperons stayed with us! Pictured below are Todd & Melanie Gay, Mason Hinote, Savannah Burns, Jamie Cohan, Lauren & Jeremy Hinote.

They arrived Friday night late so of course we went to bed extremely late especially since Ryan & Jeremy started a marshmallow fight right as we all went to bed! :-) Our sleeping arrangements were creative since Ryan & I ourselves have been sleeping on our king size mattress in the living room. 2 girls slept on that mattress, me & Lauren slept on a Queen size mattress, Todd & Melanie got the full size guest bed with dresser drawers & hang up clothes surrounding the perimeter! At least Mason got to sleep in the quiet office in his pack n play! And Jeremy got the twin air mattress and poor Ryan went from the loveseat, to the chaise lounge, to the floor all night!
The crew got to experience Milo's our local hamburger joint for the first time. Mason had to represent FSU while he was visiting Alabama of course! With Jeremy & I together we had to hit up Starbucks at some point! Hinotes love their coffee! I wanted to let Mason try it, but since I was the one taking him home to bathe him & put him to bed...I figured that would backfire!
This picture you see of Mason pulling the straw out of my Starbucks...well let's just say coffee splattered everywhere right after this shot was taken! Poor thing had drips of COLD coffee all over his face all over my face, the wall....everywhere...but it was hularious! The next photo is of me trying to get him to bubble his lips...he is good at it once he see's you do it!

Lil' man all ready for adorable! (the red spot on his head is where he bumped his head on the pew at the youth rally!)
Bath time was was short...but fun. Mason likes to splash...a lot!

Look at those precious blue eyes!

He just looks like a different fella' here for some reason? My word those cute!

So..that watermelon I showed you last post..I finally cut it up since we had bout it took me an HOUR! to cut that thing all up and 6 bowls later I got it put in the fridge! I just had to measure it....2 feet long!

It was an awesome weekend...Ryan thought I had gone crazy telling 7 people they could come to stay right after we just started remodeling! I knew it would be just fine....and it was! You just make it work is my philosophy! :-) Keep checking back for more remodeling photos!


Kiera said...

Great blog! It's definitely coming together now! I can't wait to see it, cause surely it will be done by the next time I get to come to B'ham! Miss yall like crazy! I love hearing what's going on, so keep it coming. Precious pictures of Mason! I know you love having him around and you are a brave soul for hosting all that company with only a few rooms available! You go girl, that's what I love about yoU!!

Kristen said...

Mason is so precious. He looks just like Lauren. I am so sorry to hear about Butch. I hope everything went well. I will have to call Christi to get the update.