Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Remodeling our Bedroom!!! before I elaborate on the remodeling that is underway, let me catch up on this past weekend. I went grocery shopping the other night, came home & Ryan was helping me unload the groceries. While doing so, we let Heisman out of the back yard to roam around the front yard. case I haven't mentioned it, he LOVES riding in the car! As we are unpacking the car the only thing left were our packs of water bottles....all of a sudden Heisman jumps into the trunk! We just died laughing... then we couldn't get him out! We had to persuade him ....he just had a seat and looked at us like WE were crazy! :-)

Saturday night we had our friends Derryl & Faith over for supper. We met Faith back in February at the gym we go to, she is my personal trainer there. Since then we've gotten to know her & her hubby a little better...and what a great couple they are! After dinner we decided to go to the Barons game which was fun it was a really good game & the Barons won! I have never seen the fireworks at a Barons game but oh my word...they were fabulous! My favorite part was the picture you see just looked like rain! But the only thing raining were the bugs on us due to the fact that they turned out all the lights at the stadium except the one's over us! That part was gross...I am just grateful that crickets & grasshoppers don't fly! ;-) (if you know me well enough then you know I am scared to death of those "hoppy" bugs!)

Alrighty so onto the remodeling! We finally sold both our investment properties so we're able to rehab our own house now! Our house is 4 bdrm 1 1/2 bath. Well since it was built in 1959 they did things a little different!You have to see the before pictures first!
This picture shows our "master bdrm" well it's small to say the least. It would only fit our king size bed but not our night we have been using random little tables for the past 8 months. The master bath consist of a half bath...which is a hideous blue as you see below...with some cheeseball flower design in the floor tile! Posted by Picasa

The master also only has one little closet which houses all of Ryan's closthes & shoes. So then we have the room directly across from our master. It's my "dressing room" ! Both our nightstands are in there and part of my clothes & shoes are in the closet for this room but the other part is in the hall closet! We have made due for 8 months! Oh! and our dresser is in there!

The picture below of the hallway is so you can see what it looked liked before we started rennovating. The door at the end of the hall is a hall closet, then you would go left to our mstr bdrm or right to our "dressing room" :-)

The AFTER photos...or should we say "a work in progress" !!! So if you are looking straight down the see no hall closet anymore! We had them knock out the wall seperating the mstr bdrm from the "dressing room" bedroom. Now we have one big bedroom!

The door opening on the right is my new "DRESSING ROOM" our walk in closet! Yahoooo! The door opening on the left will lead into our bathroom! We got a black granite top double sink vanity going in there.

Ryan's old closet will be our toilet room w/ a pocket door that slides into the wall. That old ugly blue bathroom will have the blue removed & it will be one big walk in shower!

If you are standing in my closet & you look across the room this is what you see! Lot's of ROOM! We are so excited to have this started! I will keep you updated with photos as it goes along! Maybe I'll even show you our temporary bedroom which is in the living room on our matress! ;-)


Kiera said...

Awesome!! I'm so glad yall are finally starting your project and I know you are too!! You gave great discriptions, but I"m still a little confused. I think once the walls are up I will understand better, so keep them coming!! Yay for you! So excited! Love and miss you!

halle said...

That's gonna be an awesome room guys!! Im excited for yall. I'll have to see the finished product!

CL said...

I enjoyed looking at the remodeling pics..I love to see the progress of work like that. Keep the pics coming!!