Saturday, August 30, 2008

Remodeling is finished! for now...

So the remodeling has come to a hault! This past Friday night the workers left at Ryan & I immediately began moving our furniture into our new master bedroom. We can truly call it a master bedroom now that our king size bed & night stands actually fit in there! :-) The picture you see below is across the can see we have recessed lighting, a new remote control fan(it was a lil' dusty in this pic...I have since cleaned it!) and the two white plates you see on the wall to the right is ready for a flat screen t.v. ! The Direct t.v. guy was here this past Wednesday to get us set up w/ cable since we haven't had it for the past 8 months that we've been here. While he was here we went ahead & had him run a cable line down the wall so we could install a flat screen one day & not have cables hanging everywhere! (the key is...ONE DAY!...Ryan & I will have to make some more sales before that happens!)

REDDDDDDDDDDDDD....if you know me well, then you know my favorite color is RED! So I took the plunge & painted the main wall you see when you walk into the room, red. I love it! It's called Fabulous case anyone wants to run home & paint their house this color! :-)

Yaaaayyyyy..the night stands fit beside our bed! The goal was accomplished! :-) I haven't gotten my new comforter yet, but it will be black & white w/ red accent pillows.

This is across the room again, but with our dresser set up! Oh..and we are planning on getting blinds...the faux wood ones....until then we have the cheapy one's we can put back up.

Here's a shot of our closet empty!

Here's a shot of our closet full! And we still have more to put in! But I will's working out just fine to allow Ryan to use it with me! ;-)

Another shot of the closet. That drawer you see is my jewelry box! How cool is that? You just pull out the drawer & it has a velvet lined jewelry organizer that fits in there! I had to have that.

Here's a view across the room of our closet door on the right & the opening to the left is the entry way into our SOON to be master bathroom! We are taking a remodeling break to get some more cash flow before we proceed with the bathroom. It's still a half bath so we can still use it like we have been, but eventually it will be a double vanity sink w/ a toilet room & a walk in shower. I'll keep you posted as to when that happens.

On a side note....after our fun filled Friday & Saturday moving back into our new room we went over to Ethan & Keri's (our friends from church) & fellow Auburn fans, and watched the Auburn game on pay-per-view. That was Ella sung Glory Glory to our Auburn a gazillion times for us :-) & Baylee sung the Auburn fight song for us repeatidly. :-) They were great cheerleaders!
Then today we got horrible news that Ryan's dad was headed to UAB hospital ER b/c he cut off two of his fingers on the lawn mower! So we met his mom & Dad and family up there. He was mowing the yard & somehow Mama Key got talked into or volunteered to mow too! So they both were on seperate lawn mowers when her's got grass build up underneath. Butch came to help her & was telling her how to disengage the blades (this was her first time mowing that we know of) and he put his hand down there too soon & lost half of his index finger on his right hand(dominant) and down to the first nuckle on his middle finger. He is having surgery so please pray everything goes smoothly, with no infections etc. His only concern was that he wouldn't be able to cast a rod to fish or shoot a rifle! He will be able to though...he'll just have to get used to this first. Thanks for your prayers!

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Kiera said...

Love your room!!! It looks awesome!! Great job on getting it all done and put together. I know it makes you feel so much better!! And I'm so sorry to hear about Ryan's dad. Good grief I know that was tramatic! Glad the surgery went well and hope some of his pain has gone away. Keep us posted. Love and miss you!!

CL said...

Oh my goodness...the remodeling is awesome!! I'm glad you have posted the pics. I love to see the before and afters like that. One day I'd like to do some remodeling here!!

Anonymous said...

Friend, it looks amazing!! :) I am so excited for you guys!

Jason Dyer said...

I think Haleigh would like the room better if you put a big "A" on the wall!

Ashley and Nolan said...

Everything looks great! I know you're loving it! I especially like the jewelry drawer...awesome idea! :)

Barnes Family said...

wow it looks so good. i am also a red girl. its so bold but i confess its also b/c it ties me to the crimson tide. roll tide! (dont delete my comment cause i wrote that on your blog! hehe)

Priscilla said...

WOW!! I totally had to catch up - I guess I have not read your blog since the middle of the summer!! Your room looks GREAT!!! You are such a great decorator/designer!!! I cannot wait to see it in person!!

Tammy said...

Love the room! The red is great and I really like the closet set up too! Hope Ryan's dad is feeling better and can go fishing soon!