Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Gender Is...

It's a BOY!!!

That object the arrow is pointing to are...the goods ;)

Current name idea (NOT set in stone)
Colton Christopher Key
Ryan came up with Colton about a week ago. I really do like it...I just want to keep my options open since we are just finding out what it is. :)

Today I went in for my 17 weeks & 5 day visit. :) 2 weeks ago when I went in they didn't do an ultrasound so I was bummed. But they did enlighten me by telling me they would do one at the next visit. So we have been anxiously awaiting the past 2 weeks. This is my 3rd visit to the Maternal Fetal Specialist at UAB & each visit I have seen a different dr. They are apparently passing me around so that whoever is on call to deliver will be familiar with my case. I am glad because I would like to be familiar with them too! What's crazy is the dr. today was Dr. Davis. 4 years ago when we first decided to start trying I had to go see the specialist at UAB to determine if they thought it was safe for me to have a baby after having a blood clot & having to be on blood thinners for life. Well...I saw Dr. Davis & he took my case before the board of Dr's there at UAB & they collectively decided it was safe! So..that began our journey to this little boy in my belly today. Dr. Davis is now a head dude over the specialist at UAB so I was extra glad to have him see me. He walked in & said..."I was asking why in the world this girl was on so much Lovenox (blood thinner)...BUT then I looked in your file & saw 3 blood clotting factors & previously had 2 blood clots!" He decided it was great news I was on so much blood thinner! :) He was really impressed that everything with my pregnancy is going so smoothly. I am finally gaining weight due to not throwing up so much. So we are on the right track! Our lil' man was very stubborn today & we almost didn't find out he was a "he". :) But Dr. Davis was persistent & jabbed that probe in my stomach right on that boys legs to get them finally worked! They were already discussing me coming back in 2 weeks & to drink a coke in the waiting room next time so they can get him moving everywhere to see the anatomy. Thankfully...we don't have to wait 2 more weeks! They are going to do another ultrasound then to get all the measurements etc b/c he wasn't cooperating with that either. (sounds like his daddy already!) They said everything looked really good but they will do some of it again next time. That's fine with me I'll take all the ultrasounds I can get!!! :)

Here's his hand...fist clenched

Skull & two hands curled up

I am predicting he has my long legs that take up all of his body like his mommy! That's the reason we couldn't see the anatomy those legs looked all cramped up in there! :) I like this shot of his leg cute!

Ryan & I went to a little shop in Downtown Homewood this afternoon to snag a lil' boy something...just b/c we could! We thought this onesie was perfect! I especially thought so...b/c if I might say so myself...if this boy looks anything like his Daddy or any of the other "Key" boys for that matter, then Chicks will definitely be diggin' him! :)

I got all the boy "stuff" out of the closet & seperated it from the few girl things I have collected over the years...Here's the beginning of his collection. Lastnight Ryan came into our bedroom showing me the Cubs Onsie (I bought like a year ago!) saying, "Awww...look at this..I totally forgot we had this!" I looked at the size & it's 18 months! So it will be a while but he'll eventually get to support daddy's team! That AU outfit...hmmm..I can't tell you how long I have had that! We'll have to get a smaller one for when he comes out of the womb! He is supposed to be here Iron Bowl weekend...

Well...I am thrilled to have a lil' boy to go mud puddling with me & Heisman. I can't wait for him to get here. I am fully convinced now that I am having a baby! :)

We are headed to Gulf Shores on Thursday to the In-Laws timeshare. We CANNOT wait! I am ready to hit up the Juicy Couture outlet to find a Juicy De Baby diaper bag! :) And we are going out on the boat fishing...which I am SO pumped about! I havn't been salt water fishing on a boat ummm...since high school! The rest of the siblings & fam are already there we are the stragglers...I'll have photo's to post when I return!!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Parents Connect 3D Pregnancy Widget

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

15 week Belly Picture!!!'ve probably been wondering when I was going to put a belly pic' on here?!?! Lately I have felt the "I'm not just's a baby bump" so I guess I got motivated! :) We had Redneck Bunco Monday night so I decided to be Redneck Barbie! As I was googling "redneck women" for ideas I found her. I am not so sure she really exists...thankfully...but I thought I would represent! As you can see below she has her cig, & beer along with her gazillion kids! And...don't let the black eye go unnoticed! :) Ryan decided I needed a tattoo with his initials in it, RCK...which everyone thought said RICK! So..that went over well with Brooke ;) Our hostess with the mostess, Robin Stover, made us all coozies with our name on them for our ROOTBEER...not really beer. :) It was so much fun...we had roadkill, gator bites, pig intestines & white trash to eat! :) The best gift of the night was the $5 gift card to Dollar Tree!!! Who knew you could get a giftcard to a Dollar store? Wow! What is this world coming too!

So...needless to say...we had a great time at Bunco! By the way that's my sister-in-law, Christi Stephens Key in the pic' with me...It's a huge deal for her to have a hat on & her hair in a case you were wondering how she is redneck. :)
Well...the pregnancy is still chuggin' along...I was 15 weeks on Monday. My last dr's appt was at 14 weeks but no ultrasound :( just a doppler to hear the heartbeat..which was still good & strong! And the best part of the whole visit was that I got a prescription for Zofran!!! It's a dissolvable tablet that taste yummy like strawberries & keeps you from throwing up!!! I had thrown up 8 times the day of that the Dr. felt it was time for some. :) My poor friend Faith took me to my appt at the last minute once I realized I would probably throw up while driving there. Luckily I came prepared with a tote bag with all the necessities... Apple store barf bag, roll of paper towels, wet paper towels & a bottle of mouthwash! Good thing too...I threw up in the dr's office (in the can thanks to Faith's quick reaction time!) and then on the way home in the car...but not really in the car b/c I had my Apple Store bag! But guess what? It had wholes in it where the drawstring was inserted!!! Didn't realize that until it came out on my pants and Faith's seatbelt!!! :) ewwwwww! She was a great sport though...she dropped me off at home & went to Publix, filled my script & got me gatorade & jello! Poor Ryan felt so bad...he had a very important sales appt that day with his he couldn't come. I've taken about 5 of those Zofran in the last week....but haven't thrown up since then!!! Well..stay next dr's visit is next Tuesday...16 weeks!!! Am I having an ultrasound? I dunno!?!? Wish I knew..they like to keep me on my toes apparently! If not will only be a couple more weeks from then that I would for sure find out the sex!!! yay!
~Kelly & Baby Key