Thursday, February 18, 2010

Coltons Days with Mimi & Paw Paw: Day #1

Colton has been staying with Ryans parents (mimi & paw-paw) 3 days a week since I went back to work January 11th. Mama Key does a journal entry of each stay Colton has with them. She emails this entry out along with pictures. My friends & family have gotten a kick out of these so I thought it would be nice to start posting them on my blog. This way, everyone can keep up with Colton on a weekly basis!
Monday, January 11, 2010
This was my first day to stay at Mimi and Paw Paw's house as mom returned to work at Engaged... she is excited that she gets to work at home rather than go to an office and sit behind a desk... and when she's excited, so am I! Mimi fed me 5 ounces at 11:45 and that filled my belly, and when I started crying at getting my diaper changed, Uncle Jared called me a baby and said I was too little to go out with him... but that's okay because I'll be big before he knows it! I liked the rocker that Mimi placed me in & I watched the lights on the television set for a while before I got a little fussy... then Mimi took the rocker into the warm kitchen where I fell asleep listening to The Fray and Sugarland. I slept until Paw Paw got home from Albertville around 3:15 - and when he picked me up, naptime was a thing of the past. I was really, really hungry and drank 5 ounces at 3:30... Mimi is learning when I am full as a tick because she didn't insist on making me drink the last drops when I gave her THAT look - you know what I mean?! I rode in my carseat with Mimi beside me back to my house where mama and daddy were waiting on me with open arms... ah, to be loved... is there anything better?!
Mom, have a great first day back at work with Engaged... you don't have to worry about anything... what happens at Mimi's and Paw Paw's stays at Mimi's and Paw Paw's...
I love you, mom and dad.
Colton C.
P.S. Uncle Jared wouldn't take me out with him... he said I was still a baby...
Paw Paw fed me a bottle...
and Mimi is teaching me syllables... what fun! I'm getting prepared for school!
I love you, mom and dad.
Love,Colton C.