Friday, September 19, 2008

It's Football Season!!!

Happy Football Season!!! We here at the Key household are festive when it comes to Auburn football...with In-Laws that graduated from there, my mother-in-law was also a cheerleader there, my hubby attended there for 3 yrs. my brother-in-law graduated from there, my hubby's Aunt Carol Key graduated from there...and I am pretty sure if our yellow lab Heisman could go there Ryan would send him! :-) Heisman wanted to show off his new collar...which we got when he was a puppy...wait he still is a when he was a small puppy! it just took him 9 months to grow into the XL collar! ;-)
We have an exciting addition to our home...Ryan's baby...a 46'' LCD flat screen t.v. and with that we FINALLY got Direct T.V. (after not having it for 9 months) and hi-def, NFL Sunday ticket, and DVR (so we can watch The Office ALL the time now!)

Well onto some football...we went 2 wkends ago to the Auburn vs. Ole Miss game with our friends from church, The Southerns. We got to AU Friday night before the game. Instead of going straight to our hotel we went to Target pharmacy so I could get one coumadin tablet, you really shouldn't forget your blood could cause big health problems! :-)

While in there we decide to get some Starbucks or as 2 year old Ella calls it, "Heebucks" :-) Then for those who didn't want Heebucks...we went to Sonic next...which of course Baylee & Ella decided to have some of that too!

We got up Saturday morning & had breakfast at the hotel which was full of AU was great! Orange & blue everywhere! The girls needed a little more spirit to their game day we found them tattoos! I love this picture of Baylee Bug here...then you have Ryan enjoying his team!

Ella & Baylee, they don't look alike do they? ;-)

I hope she got it all! :-)

So...the anthem is being played & I look over & see Ella copying what everyone else is doing...except she had her left hand over her stomach area :-) I decided to help her out a she swapped hands & got it right over her little heart! How adorable is that! And to think..she really has no clue why she is doing that...but soon enough she will!
Our game crew...except Keri...somebody had to take the photo!
oops! Ella, your supposed to yell through the other end! :-)
Touchdown Auburn!!!
How cute is this sweet picture of Baylee & Ry Ry....we especially like Ryan's shirt! ;-)
Our absolute favorite part...watching the Eagle fly! It's incredible!!!

Ryan just loves this picture of all the fans leaving the game...the sight of so many Auburn fans exhilarates him!!!
The Tiger Walk.... Ella & her AU cheerleading doll on Keri's shoulders checking out those cute football players at an early age! ;-) (Maybe not the one in the hard hat though...) :-)

After the game...all hot, sticky & worn out....

Ryan & Ethan

After a win they roll Toomers Corner...we walked past there on our way back to the car & it already looked like snow! We let Baylee practice! Notice...she has her two pom poms, AND mega phone at all times!

Well..after the AU game we headed back to Bham to the Samford University vs. Faulkner University football game. A guy from our church, Nic Wright plays for Faulkner...and it's mine & Ryan's alma mater so we thought we should support them. (And Baylee claims Nic as her boyfriend, so she HAD to be there!) :-)
Then if that wasn't a busy weekend...we move on to that Monday night. Since I work for a bridal publication (Perfect Wedding Guide) we are pretty much at every bridal event in town. So..Preston Bailey came in to town....he is the florist to the "Stars" . He has done weddings/flowers for Donald Trump, Oprah, Liza Menelli, etc...For the work portion we handed out a PWG bag that was stuffed with goodies for each attendee...then my boss graciously bought me a ticket! So I got to sit front & center & hear him tell great stories about his experiences & watch a slide show of his work which is incredible! So that was really neat!

It's taken me sooooooooooo long to post this....we just got back tonight from I will have another post soon!

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