Friday, January 14, 2011

Let the INJECTIONS begin!!!

And HERE are THE DRUGS! After my appointment yesterday (Wed. 1/12/11) my WONDERFUL nurse Lee Ann called to tell me my estrogen level was low which was good & my egg follicles looked great. Now, I am to lower my Lupron injection dosage from 10 to 5, begin giving myself a follistim injection in the A.M. and P.M. and begin my Menopur Injection in the A.M & P.M also. So folks...beginning tomorrow I will be giving myself SEVEN shots a day! Can you say human pin cushion? :)

Below is my Calendar of Events, In-Vitro events that is. Next week I will begin Accupuncture (something I did last in-vitro cycle & want to do again just to keep everything the same since it worked!) Tuesday I'll go in for labs & an ultrasound to see how the ole egg follicles are coming along. And then I'll go in for more labs next Friday or Saturday. THEN the fun really begins! Tuesday, January 25th is when they put me under (some of the best sleep ever) to retrieve all my eggs. And on Friday, Jan. 28th Embryo Transfer will take place! I won't actually be pregnant once that happens though, the embryo still has to attach to my uterine cavity/wall. So you all just keep praying that all goes well please!
After that we WAIT! :(
Until Feb. 9th to go in & draw blood to see if I am preggers.  

Tonight I went to an IVF seminar given by the BEST DOCTOR EVER...Dr. Bates :) You would think I know all there is about this topic having already done this once but oh no! there is soooo much more to learn. It's so wild all that they can do these days! My favorite part was getting to see the Embryo Lab. I believe life begins at conception so that means my lil' fella Coltons life began in the Embryo Lab at UAB's Kirklin Clinic. It was cool to see the incubator that has 3 doors you have to open just to get to the embryos. (NO there weren't embryos in there b/c they are waiting on the next round of IVF to fill it up..which will be in 2 weeks with mine!) Each machine in the Embryo lab has it's own security system to keep those embryos safe. That lab is a pressurized room & of course extremely sterile. We couldn't actually go in, we got to look in from the door. I might be a dork but I found it cool to learn about it. :) Well...that's all for tonight. I've got to go get rested up for some morning injections ;)


Jennifer Hoover said...

Thank God above that we have and have had smart people in this world that have made all this possible for you...while some people complain and take pregnancy for granted others really do have to work for it. Which in the end only makes them more appreciative and loving parents. Love you and spend time loving on Colton right now b/c when you have the second/third things change, not necessarily for the bad but they are definitely different!

Alli said...

Thanks for opening up and sharing all that you go through! It makes me so much more appreciative of the easy-mom-life I have. I told Rob this morning it was heart-breaking to think of the people we know who have to work so hard to be parents. Good luck!!! I personally am praying for more than one for you :) *squeal* That'll be fun!!!

Mimi said...

To my sweet daughter-in-love and first born son... you know how much we love you and are praying for this IVF to go well. We all know that the Lord hears all our prayers... my guess is that C-man will say Baby before he says Mimi! We love you for many reasons - being the Christian examples you are is foremost!

Kiera said...

Praying and excited for yall! :)

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